Death of the Bluebird – 3FORWARD

Sales BluebirdsThis would be the perfect way to start a New Year!

You need a win for a fast sales start

It’s your turn for the next sales lead.

The phone rings and it’s a prospect inquiring about a product that is the in the exact center of your wheelhouse, and it’s a big sale.

You feel like you are quickly establishing a good rapport, and the prospects invites you to meet and present your firm’s capabilities.

You meet, and present yourself and your firm masterfully.

You quickly come to terms, and the deal is yours.

It’s a Bluebird!!

Congratulations to those of you that have caught a Sales Bluebird.

Now ask yourself, “When was the last time you caught a Sales Bluebird”?

For those of you that haven’t caught a bluebird yet don’t keep holding your breath, the likelihood of closing a sale that comes out of nowhere is a worse bet than buying a lottery ticket. B2B buyers now fully control the buy cycle and don’t need sales people to meter information to them. They know they have problems, they know other firms have similar issues, and the have unlimited ability to research possible actions through the Internet. In fact, as much as 60-70% of the B2B buying process is invisible to the seller and only becomes visible when a buyer requests information thorough the RFP/RFI process, and we all know that the close rate on RFP’s is pretty low if we are an outsider. The real question is how to stay visible to the buyer during all buying phases? The answer is to reach out and be found.

Reaching out can be a fairly simple process.

  • Develop a target audience list
  • Use technology to track and score behavior
  • Provide prospects with high value information – not sales messages.

All 3 of these items seem simple but require investment in time and money, especially the development of content that prospects will look forward to receiving. Sales messages turn prospects off so be careful.

Being found can be tough

  • Look at your biggest competitors websites, how does your compare?
  • Is your site easy to navigate and built to leverage SEO?
  • Are you using appropriate key words?
  • Do you provide free value add content? 

The real answer is that if you have not recently reviewed and updated both the structure and copy on your site now is a great time to do it. Most firms can’t afford to retain full time web programmers and graphic specialists but there are plenty y of good consulting shops that are creative and technically excellent.

Senior leaderships teams must come together to embrace today’s buying process -not fight it. Sales Bluebirds are becoming extinct; take the time to better understand the fundamentals of today’s buying process and how you can best align your firm for success.

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