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Darwin Meets Sales

Several weeks ago Matt and I were attending the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) World Summit in Orlando, Florida. We were there to present “How to Grow Outsourcing Revenues” to the service providers attending the event. The event was held at a Disney World Resort so there was a good mix of both professionals and families staying at the property.

At the end of the first day Matt and I were in the lobby lounge to meet some friends and compare notes on the day. While we were waiting we were approached by a man who was there with his family, he saw our conference badges and asked who 3forward was and what did we do? Matt gave him the high level 3forward value prop, he smiled and replied “I sell for a living too”. I asked him what business he was in and he replied, “I can sell anything as long as it is priced cheaper than my competition”. With that statement made he headed back to his family.

Neither Matt nor I spoke for a minute and then we both burst out laughing! It should not have surprised us since many sales people often talk about providing value and results only to fall back to the “I sell cheap to win syndrome“. With buyers becoming more empowered and sellers implementing tools to improve their productivity, the days of the dinosaur field sales person are numbered. If it’s only cost that matters, an outside rep will lose to a website or telemarketer every time. We all must evolve or face extinction.

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