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All Aboard for Customer Service Week

I was fortunate to enjoy a cruise vacation with Celebrity Cruise Line last week.  It had been 10 years since my last cruise and I was not quite sure what to expect, considering how this industry has grown over the last ten years while also becoming so cost competitive.  What I experienced over seven days helped me rediscover the true meaning of customer satisfaction.  From the moment we boarded the ship it became apparent how the entire crew and ship’s facilities was geared toward providing us the best vacation experience possible.

For starters, the ship itself was fantastic!  It had a great pool, gym, shopping areas, and many quality dining choices, but what made the experience so powerful was the crew.  Every single individual from the cabin crew to the ships’ officers were truly concerned with providing us the best possible experience.  The crew itself works an incredible amount of hours; normally 10-12 hour shifts everyday for 4-8 months straight.  Yet when you interact with them you feel their world revolves around you and they do will do whatever is needed to ensure your satisfaction.

I had the opportunity to speak with the ship’s HR officer and I asked her what was their “secret sauce”; her answer was company culture.  Celebrity recruits people worldwide and their only requirements are English language skills and an attitude that passenger needs come first.  She said that they provide the position training as long as these two attributes are present, a pretty simple recipe for success!

Get creative.  Take a cruise and improve your company’s customer service.

Most companies invest in customer experience training for their front line managers.  When planning your next training session consider a three-day cruise with a company like Celebrity.  Cruise ships provide a perfect training venue and have the facilities needed to conduct quality meetings.  Most importantly, your employees will experience true customer service first hand – while enjoying quality team building and fun at the same time.

Bon Voyage!

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