6 New Years’ Resolutions for Marketers – Marketing Leadership Council

Staying In Front of Marketing Trends

B2Bs last year told us that their number one problem was that their customers and prospects simply didn’t have time for them anymore: cost pressures have led to more independent research, and the staggering volume of information available to B2B buyers crowded out the content that B2B teams are increasingly producing.

The bad news? That content is the biggest part of the problem. Most B2B content marketing efforts are unfocused attempts to push suboptimal buying buttons, and the sheer volume of those attempts is crowding out content that can make a greater impact on the purchase decision.

So the imperative for B2B marketers this year is to cull content creation and limit it to those efforts aimed at disrupting customer buying criteria — taking the elements of a buying decision and turning them on their head in a way that favors your solution. A sample resolution? “We will only create content that changes how our customers think, rather than merely informing or entertaining them.”


Source: Marketing Leadership Council

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