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Sales Planning Success Kit For B2B Companies

Excel-based Workbook and Sales Planning Services for CEOs and Sales Leaders

3FORWARD, a provider of sales acceleration and demand generation services for CEOs and Chief Sales Officers, today announced a new suite of sales planning tools and services to help company owners and sales leaders prepare more accurate and comprehensive annual sales plans.

3FORWARD’s SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE Success Kit is a multi-worksheet Excel template that allows sales leaders to accurately calculate and project the major components of their annual sales plan.  Elements of the Success Kit include:

  1. Sales Booking Forecast and Revenue Projection
  2. Sales Pipeline Requirements and Stage Conversion Goals
  3. Lead Generation Goals and Stage Conversion Goals
  4. Sales Team Sizing and Quota Assignments
  5. Sales Metrics Dashboard

The SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE™ Success Kit is available as a standalone workbook or can be bundled with one of three different custom services packages for companies needing the benefit of external expertise and advice on sales processes, metrics and best practices.

“Successful selling today is much more science and math than art.  Sales planning should be just as scientific.  Our SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE™ Success Kit brings that needed structure to the sales planning process.  Based on revenue goals, the model calculates how much sales pipeline is necessary, how many qualified leads must be created to fill the sales pipeline, the size and efficiency requirements for the sales team and even how much quota to assign,” said Dan Hudson, 3FORWARD President and co-founder.

CEOs and Sales Leaders responsible for their company’s annual sales plan will see immediate benefit from the design of SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE™ Success Kit.  As each planning worksheet is completed it generates inputs for the next process in the sequence.  Redundant data entry is eliminated from the sales planning process.  Each worksheet also includes between five and twenty variables to allow for countless scenarios and simulations of the sales plan.

For more information visit 3FORWARD’s SALES REVENUE ASSURANCE Success Kit information page or contact 3FORWARD.

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