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The Essential Sales Playbook by Bulldog Solutions

Excellent report on the new role and responsibility marketing has towards supporting the full sales process.  From Bulldog Solutions, BtoB demand-generation specialists.

“Gone are the days of Marketing throwing leads “over the wall” to Sales without responsibility or visibility to when, if and how those deals are closed/won or lost. Marketing now has the ability and directive to influence performance throughout the entire funnel, from first contact to close.”

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“If marketers are to be responsible for revenue, it’s important to be very cognizant of what is needed to drive conversions in the middle and at the end of the funnel, not just at the top. Sales support represents a set of tools and practices designed to transfer accumulated knowledge from the marketing organization to the sales team in order to increase the “warmth” of the conversation and improve the likelihood of turning an engagement into an opportunity, and an opportunity into a closed deal.”

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