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Webcast: Reinventing the Sales Model

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The sales model most companies use is broken. It is built on outdated principles and structured for a past era when buyers and sellers played by vastly different rules.   Imagine fielding a championship sports team from twenty years ago against a current league leader – the team from the past would not stand a chance.  Just like sports, today’s sales game requires filling new positions, creating new playbooks and most importantly – players with different skills.

The Sales Game Has Changed! You will not meet your revenue goals following the old rules!

Before creating your new sales model you first need to understand what has changed in today’s buying process and why tried and true sales practices are no longer effective.  Next you must understand the new leading approaches for marketing, lead generation, and sales engagement.  Lastly you need a framework to help you construct and transition to your new sales model.

Are you Ready to Create your New Sales Model? Join 3forward for this rule-breaking live discussion!

What you will learn:

  • Today’s buying process – and where sales can add value
  • The Three Zone strategy for optimizing your sales pipeline
  • Four risks worth taking when recreating your sales model
  • Embracing the Science of Selling
  • Unlikely Allies – the two (new) partners you will need to succeed
  • Deadly sales mistakes not worth repeating

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