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Webcast: Enabling Sales Effectiveness Through Actionable Insight – Everest Group & 3forward

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Highly Successful Sales Practices Have Changed – Have Yours?

Everest InsightsTM, a comprehensive product suite developed by Everest and 3forward, helps outsourcing supplier sales organizations significantly improve account targeting and prioritization, greatly enhance opportunity qualification and meaningfully engage prospects at the optimal point in their buying process (when the opportunity is ripe).

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Everest InsightsTM delivers value through several market-leading offerings:

  • Unparalleled account research and analysis, in-depth reporting on initiatives, and exhaustive banks of key account information and stats
  • Actionable insight into a prospect's sourcing portfolio, including details on all active outsourcing projects, supplier relationships, and captive centers
  • Highly predictive insider view of prospects' sourcing interests
  • Accurate prediction of likelihood and timing of future sourcing activities
  • Active surveillance of events, activities and announcements that trigger prime opportunities to engage with clients and prospects

Join 3forward, a leader in lead creation and sales acceleration programs for companies worldwide, as we illustrate how integrating Everest InsightsTM into the outsourcing supplier sales process helps companies significantly improve win rates and revenue growth.  Sales experts from Everest Group, an industry leader with a worldwide reputation for ongoing innovation, will highlight the structure and application of this powerful sales resource.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dan Hudson, 3forward, President
  • Carl Esposti, Everest Group, Principal of Sales and Market Development


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