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Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?

Posted February 17th by Ed Trachier

Some questions that often comes up in discussions with clients and prospects at OnTarget Partners are from the CMO or other B2B marketing executive:  “Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?” or “Why can’t I get my sales team to follow-up on my leads?” Marketing creates leads via online, tradeshow, conference, research or… Continue reading

Dollar Cost B2B Marketing

Posted February 9th by Ed Trachier

Dollar Cost Averaging is defined as an investment strategy which "reduces the risk of incurring a substantial loss resulting from investing (an) entire 'lump sum'" by "dividing the total sum to be invested in the market into equal amounts put into the market at regular intervals." (Wikipedia)  In essence, the technique works in markets undergoing temporary… Continue reading

Superbowl Winning B2B Marketing

Posted February 1st by Ed Trachier

Before Jimmy Johnson was a football commentator, he was a football coach; a pretty good one, too. Jimmy led the Dallas Cowboys to two consecutive Superbowl wins, and he built the team that won its third in four years during the 90’s.  He was well respected, if not all that well liked. Part of the… Continue reading

Docurated names OnTaget Partners top sales management blog

Posted November 10th by Ed Trachier

OnTarget was recently named one of the top blogs for sales management by Docurated.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!  -Ed Managing a sales force of any size is never a simple endeavor. Whether your sales reps are in-house, in-the-field, all within the same 100-mile radius, or spanning several continents, your job as… Continue reading

Prospect Education as Lead Generation in B2B

Posted April 11th by Ed Trachier

Our B2B lead generation business has changed a lot over the last ten years. Conducting outsourced marketing, sales and research for our clients, we used to focus on quantitative metrics – calls, clicks, conversations, emails/proposals sent, and appointments set. Now we focus on qualitative metrics – decision-maker level, multiple department interest, business opportunity and scope.… Continue reading

KISS Rocks! No the Other KISS!

Posted October 16th by Dan Hudson

I really like some of the work of Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley of Kiss. Their on-stage antics, pyrothenics and smoking guitars make their audiences roar for more! But this post isn’t about music, it’s abouth the “other KISS” that your dad probably quoted more than once,  “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. This  advice is especially… Continue reading

B2B Sales Leaders: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

Posted June 28th by Dan Hudson

Still sending your sales people to be productive by providing them some basic tools like capability presentations, price lists, and CRM contact information that is months (or years) old?  That's like sending your reps to a gunfight equipped with a knife – the outcome is rarely pretty. One of the key tools needed most by… Continue reading

Should B2B Companies Blog? YES They Should!

Posted May 4th by Dan Hudson

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 15th anniversary of web logs or blogs as we refer to them today. What started as a personal publication platform has exploded into it’s own market and has created a huge array of ancillary products and services. For many companies their blog is the hub of… Continue reading

Turning Your Website Into a Sales 2.0 Partner

Posted January 30th by Dan Hudson

If your firm is like most of the companies we engage with your marketplace is crowded with competitors.  Every competitor has a website, some are good and some not so good.  Given tight sales and marketing budgets how can you improve the odds of your web site being found when a prospect with a need… Continue reading

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