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Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?

Posted February 17th by Ed Trachier

Some questions that often comes up in discussions with clients and prospects at OnTarget Partners are from the CMO or other B2B marketing executive:  “Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?” or “Why can’t I get my sales team to follow-up on my leads?” Marketing creates leads via online, tradeshow, conference, research or… Continue reading

When Should B2B Marketing Hand Leads Over to Sales?

Posted July 28th by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – July 28, 2014 Handing a lead over to sales can be a bit tricky in B2B marketing. As the old cliché goes – timing is everything! There are several factors to examine when deciding the timing of handing off a lead. These include: – The amount of time the sales team has available… Continue reading

Measuring Sales Force Effectiveness – Sales Leadership Council

Posted April 11th by admin

Increasing Sales Effectiveness How do you measure the effectiveness of a sales force? Most companies agree that revenue and margins are key indicators of health. At the individual level we can examine gap-to-goal. But those metrics are lagging indicators. They also don’t tell us much about the quality or effectiveness of those results. How do we… Continue reading

Getting the Sales Forecast Right: A Sales Mastery Interview with Rob Brown – Social Centered Selling

Posted March 21st by admin

 Improving Sales Force Accuracy Last week, I talked to Rob Brown about sales compensation and forecasting and a new tool that he has developed to help ensure that those forecasts are actually accurate. Prior to the interview, I had Rob walk me through how his forecasting tool worked, and I admit that I was impressed.… Continue reading

CFOs Can Help Themselves by Helping Sales Improve Forecasts –

Posted February 22nd by admin

Improving Sales Forecasting At fast-changing, high-growth organizations, finance executives need to work with sales to derisk the business plan. This is also a way to become a more strategic business partner. – Many chief sales officers are notorious for making pie-in-the-sky forecasts that can lead their company to overspend. CFOs who provide sales forecasting… Continue reading

5 Ways to Avoid a Price-Driven Sale – Sales Executive Council

Posted February 18th by admin

B2B Sales Pursuit Strategies Customers are 57% through their buying process before they seek engagement with suppliers (see chart below). Think about that for a moment. Customers are doing a lot more buying before we have the opportunity to sell.   In fact, many members tell us that customers want to engage with us only when they’re… Continue reading

10 Questions to Find Out if the Weekly Sales Meeting is a Waste of Time – The Sales Hunter

Posted February 5th by admin

Increasing Sales Effectiveness I hear from both salespeople and sales managers about the pros and cons of the weekly sales meeting. Want to find out if a sales meeting is an asset or a waste of time?  Consider these 10 questions: READ MORE>>> Source: The Sales Hunter

An Expert Talks About Fixing Sales Forecasting Problems – Dave Stein's Blog

Posted January 24th by admin

Sales Revenue Forecasting Funny thing.  In the past few months we’ve found an unusually high number of our clients seriously concerned with inaccurate sales forecasting. To put it bluntly, they are finding it impossible to get forecasting right at all. In situations like that, it doesn’t take ESR long to diagnose the cause: a sales… Continue reading

The Problem With Forecasting – Partners In Excellence

Posted January 22nd by admin

 Sales Management Dashboards In virtually every conversation with a sales executive, at one point we get into a discussion about forecasting.  Usually it starts with the executive mumbling something like, “Damn forecasts are worthless, I might was well flip a coin……..”  Being very cue sensitive, I usually reply something like, “Forecasting system not working for… Continue reading

Why build a sales forecast? – Insight Squared

Posted December 19th by admin

 Sales Dashboards and Metrics before you start working on improving your sales forecast accuracy, it is important to set out why you are delivering a it in the first place. Knowing “why” will help you to determine how you can improve your forecast so that it is more useful to your organization. At the most basic level,… Continue reading

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