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Webcast: 5 Most Important Numbers for 2010 Sales Revenue Planning


Revenue Planning Webcast – Slides PDF
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3forward Revenue Planner – Excel 2007 Template
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Making the annual sales number starts with a successful revenue plan.  It sounds basic enough, but many companies underestimate their real target when setting their most important top-line revenue goal.  Getting that number wrong in January almost guarantees missing it in December – a surprise Boards of Directors and shareholders can’t stand!

View this interactive webinar to learn our methodology for sales revenue planning.  We will reveal the forecasting traps many companies fall into and illustrate our formulas and models for successful multi-year revenue planning.   

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2009/12/5_Most_Important_Numbers_for_2010_Sales_Revenue_Planning_3forward.flv /]

What You Will Learn:

  • A universal formula for calculating your real new revenue goal for 2010
  • How to quickly determine the gap between your pipeline and your revenue requirements
  • The two most missed numbers in the revenue planning equation
  • How to better connect pipeline values to revenue forecasting
  • The impact of sales acceleration on revenue attainment
  • Sales force sizing and quota confirmation
  • More…


Dan Hudson, President, 3forward

Matt Smith, Executive Vice President, 3forward

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