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3forward Announces New Offerings for Outsourcers to Accelerate Development of Global Service Delivery Alliances

October 7, 2008

DALLAS (Business Wire) 3forward, a Dallas-based growth services firm specializing in sales, marketing and alliances for outsourcers, BPOs and IT companies, has introduced new offerings to accelerate the creation of Global Service Delivery Alliances.   These programs are designed for outsourcers, BPOs and IT companies seeking to expand existing capabilities and coverage by creating, formalizing or strengthening partner delivery models.   

Outsourcers establish delivery alliances, innovation networks and business ecosystems to achieve strategic goals, leverage resources, address portfolio or delivery gaps, and speed time to market.  Even the largest global providers integrate alliance-based solutions with internal delivery as a cost-effective, reliable approach to addressing complex customer requirements and global delivery expectations.   

Companies often face either experience or resource challenges in establishing successful delivery alliances.  Some lack the internal expertise to design a global alliance strategy and delivery framework.   Others are short the resources to identify, qualify and contract partners, create engagement processes, integrate delivery programs and define standards-based governance models.

Outcomes and Benefits of 3forward's Global Service Delivery Alliances:

  • Analysis of various relationship models and alliance-based delivery options
  • Development of 'make/buy' frameworks and alliance architecture standards
  • Partner identification and due diligence
  • Negotiated master agreements, partnering terms and standardized SOWs
  • Formalized pre-sales workflow, and (ITIL / ISO standards-based) operational level agreements
  • Access to 3forward's Global Services Provider RegistryTM, a database containing hundreds of niche technology providers world-wide

"Global service delivery is a major differentiator, often a winning factor, in many outsourcing decisions," said Dan Hudson, 3forward, President and co-founder.  "Most providers need service delivery alliances to complete that global services strategy, but many lack the experienced resources to create and implement the solution.  That specific experience is one of 3forward's deepest strengths and helps our clients accelerate their efforts to build and manage their partner programs."


3forward – Growth Services for Solution Providers(TM)

3forward focuses on SOLUTION PROVIDERS and increasing their success. Our services enable: faster growth, stronger global delivery models and improved margins. 3forward clients benefit from our broad industry perspective, many years experience in sales, marketing and delivery, ability to develop winning strategies and relationships with key executives and leaders in the global outsourcing and IT communities.


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