Lead Lifecycle Management

Webcast: Building a Pipeline That Never Leaks

Are your best leads leaking from your sales pipeline?

Studies show only 16% of total leads deemed "sales-ready opportunities" actually close. So what's happening to the other 84% of possible opportunities after they (supposedly) hit your pipeline?  The truth is, companies without a lead management process to measure, develop, nurture and retain these prospects lose track of far more leads than they close.

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Join Sales 2.0 leader 3forward and lead management specialists LeadLife Solutions for a complimentary webcast and learn how to segment your database, deliver targeted messages, score your lead interactions and enable qualification through lead nurturing.

What You Will Learn:

  • How changes in buyer models have rewritten lead generation rules
  • Eight vital stages in today's 2.0 sales and marketing process
  • Applying segmentation to your lead generation efforts
  • The lead management metrics that really matter – and those you can't trust
  • How to get started with lead management, including real-world examples and lessons

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