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Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?

Posted February 17th by Ed Trachier

Some questions that often comes up in discussions with clients and prospects at OnTarget Partners are from the CMO or other B2B marketing executive:  “Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?” or “Why can’t I get my sales team to follow-up on my leads?” Marketing creates leads via online, tradeshow, conference, research or… Continue reading

Dollar Cost B2B Marketing

Posted February 9th by Ed Trachier

Dollar Cost Averaging is defined as an investment strategy which "reduces the risk of incurring a substantial loss resulting from investing (an) entire 'lump sum'" by "dividing the total sum to be invested in the market into equal amounts put into the market at regular intervals." (Wikipedia)  In essence, the technique works in markets undergoing temporary… Continue reading

Superbowl Winning B2B Marketing

Posted February 1st by Ed Trachier

Before Jimmy Johnson was a football commentator, he was a football coach; a pretty good one, too. Jimmy led the Dallas Cowboys to two consecutive Superbowl wins, and he built the team that won its third in four years during the 90’s.  He was well respected, if not all that well liked. Part of the… Continue reading

How’s That Lead Management System Working Out For You?

Posted April 10th by admin

Driven by the "new normal" of customer acquisition and revenue growth requirements, many B2B marketing organizations are seeking to transform themselves through process improvements and the application of business intelligence. For example, companies that have implemented and mastered the use of lead management tools are quickly outpacing their competitors by a significant margin and are… Continue reading

Here Are Twelve (More) Reasons Your Company is NOT Getting Market Traction – 3FORWARD

Posted February 28th by admin

Had the following conversation with three different CEOs over the past month.  Each one started like this, “We have a great set of products but absolutely no marketing strategy to support them.” Sound familiar?  Is this something you or your Sales Leader say about your company’s lack of marketing? B2B Chief Marketing Officers and marketing… Continue reading

Death of the Bluebird – 3FORWARD

Posted January 15th by Dan Hudson

This would be the perfect way to start a New Year! You need a win for a fast sales start It’s your turn for the next sales lead. The phone rings and it’s a prospect inquiring about a product that is the in the exact center of your wheelhouse, and it’s a big sale. You… Continue reading

What If Huey Lewis Was Your Sales Person?!

Posted October 2nd by Dan Hudson

I want a new lead One that won't make me think too much One that won't make me talk too much Or make me stay past 5:00. I want a new lead A lead that’s qualified A lead that’s ready to buy One that’s also close by I want a new lead One that will… Continue reading

Beyond Lead Nurturing – How to Create Effective Calls to Action!

Posted September 27th by admin

Over just the last year alone, I bet more has been published about how to do B2B lead nurturing and content marketing than anyone with demand generation responsibility could possibly absorb in a lifetime.  Even if that’s all they did, all day long, every day of the week!   By the way, knowing all that… Continue reading

How Does Your Inside B2B Sales Team Stack Up to Today’s Best-In-Class?

Posted September 13th by Dan Hudson

Inside B2B sales teams… when they are clicking everyone loves them!  They can close high dollar complex sales and never meet the customer face to face.  They can fully qualify a prospect before handing the lead off to the field sales team.  They can give your customers an easy access point into your company. Because… Continue reading

Are you a Marketing Game Changer? You Better Be!

Posted August 9th by Dan Hudson

B2B marketing leaders are under tremendous pressure to prove that their activities are returning tangible results in terms of new revenue dollars.  As marketers feel the heat to show results quickly many of them are looking at new tools and processes such as marketing automation solutions to add more leads into the top of their… Continue reading

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