Sales 2.0 Strategies

On the Frontlines of B2B Lead Generation

Posted June 17th by Ed Trachier

We at OnTarget Partners have a unique perspective on B2B Lead Generation. Because we conduct outsourced marketing for thirty-some B2B companies, most of them large, well-respected leaders in their industry, we see examples of what works, and what doesn't, from the front lines. Every B2B CMO understands that our market is changing. What worked ten… Continue reading

Agile Marketing: An Alternative to “Big-Bang” Campaigns?

Posted May 6th by Peter Blute

 In a recent conversation with a prospective client we turned to the topic of Agile Marketing, a term I had yet to encounter outside of the software development world. A quick search brought up 24 million hits, showing my obvious ignorance and a definitive need for a deeper look. This methodology dates back to at… Continue reading

Why CMO Leadership Is Essential To Data-Driven Marketing – Forbes

Posted by Peter Blute

Today’s CMOs face a key leadership challenge as they shift their marketing organizations to take advantage of the data revolution. Social media, mobile devices, analytics and cloud computing are dramatically reshaping what is possible for the modern marketer. But getting your marketing team to take advantage of this new paradigm is not easy. I recently… Continue reading

Posted in Variety

Jim Valvano and B2B Marketing

Posted May 1st by Ed Trachier

I was talking to one of my best clients yesterday, and she reminded me of something I learned many years ago, but had not really thought about in quite some time: People buy due to emotion. We are a hurried society, receiving many, many pitches daily. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we are being sold.… Continue reading

Market Research: Defining the Question

Posted April 14th by Peter Blute

Market research – that elusive, all-encompassing term describing efforts to collect and analyze information about customers, markets, and trends in order to make informed, strategic business decisions. Sometimes confused with marketing research, in its simplest form market research answers basic, but incredibly important, questions to provide the precise information you need to mitigate the risk… Continue reading

Content Marketing Minds: God’s Repurposing Plan – Social Media Today

Posted by Peter Blute

The Holy Bible. It’s not only the most read book, it’s also the most repurposed work ever created. From booklets to brochures, inspirationals to infographics, sermons to stories, calendars to coasters – what hasn’t been scribed from The Scriptures? You can look at apps alone. Search for “Bible” in Google Play or iTunes. You’ll be… Continue reading

Prospect Education as Lead Generation in B2B

Posted April 11th by Ed Trachier

Our B2B lead generation business has changed a lot over the last ten years. Conducting outsourced marketing, sales and research for our clients, we used to focus on quantitative metrics – calls, clicks, conversations, emails/proposals sent, and appointments set. Now we focus on qualitative metrics – decision-maker level, multiple department interest, business opportunity and scope.… Continue reading

Crossing the Chasm: The New Obstacle for B2B Buyers – Marketing Interactions Blog

Posted April 1st by Peter Blute

I’ve come to the conclusion that evolution is lopsided. Especially when it comes to B2B marketing vs. sales. It seems to me that either one or the other is evolving, but much of the time it doesn’t seem to be both. At least not within the same organization. The best marketers are on a quest… Continue reading

A Billion Dollar Bracket is Really Just Great Marketing

Posted by Ed Trachier

By now, we all have heard about Warren Buffet’s backing of the quest for a perfect, billion dollar bracket. The finance guru understands that the odds of guessing this bracket are estimated to be 1 in 9.2 quintillion. And yet, 15 million people logged in and filled one in! Why? The contest plays to our… Continue reading

Spring is in the Air for B2B Marketers

Posted March 30th by Ed Trachier

On March 20 of this year, Spring 2014 started. Technically, at exactly 12:57 p.m. ET on March 20 – a precise and fixed point in time defined as when the center of the sun passes directly over the Equator. This is a magical time of the year when winter relents and things grow. So it… Continue reading