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Here Are Twelve (More) Reasons Your Company is NOT Getting Market Traction – 3FORWARD

Posted February 28th by admin

Had the following conversation with three different CEOs over the past month.  Each one started like this, “We have a great set of products but absolutely no marketing strategy to support them.” Sound familiar?  Is this something you or your Sales Leader say about your company’s lack of marketing? B2B Chief Marketing Officers and marketing… Continue reading

Is LinkedIn Useless? – Social Media Today

Posted by admin

Social Media B2B Marketing In my friend’s world, LinkedIn is just another over-hyped social network that keeps changing the rules and, ultimately, has little regard for its members’ needs.  This particular beef came from his wife, who recently expressed annoyance that her blog posts no longer dynamically populated her LinkedIn profile.  (Okay, so she has… Continue reading

You Don’t Need Referrals, You Need Introductions – Sales & Sales Management Blog

Posted February 27th by admin

 Prospecting and Sales Referrals How often as a B2B seller have you been advised to ask your client for referrals?  If your experience is typical then you’ve heard that advice just about every time you turn around. Most of us have had it pounded into our heads that we need to ask for referrals after… Continue reading

Is Your Sales Organization Good or Great? – Harvard Business Review

Posted February 26th by admin

Building Winning Sales Teams What separates great from good sales organizations? After working with over two-hundred different companies, the evidence suggests that the best business-to-business sales organizations share specific patterns of organizational structure and behavior. These similarities can be defined into the seven different attributes listed below. Conversely, underperforming or weaker sales organizations tend to… Continue reading

Are You a Salesperson or a Customer Service Person? – The Sales Hunter

Posted by admin

The title on your card says “sales.”  Your job description says “sales” and you’re part of the sales team. If that’s the case, then why are you acting like a customer service person? I’m not bashing customer service people. They play a key role in the sale process, but I believe strongly salespeople and customer… Continue reading


Posted February 25th by admin

How to Sell in a New Economy A long time ago, a savvy marketing consultant told me, “The role of the sales person is to teach the customer how to buy”.  That is still true, but the wisdom has morphed a bit with the times — as wisdom is wont to do.  Today’s B2B buyers… Continue reading

CFOs Can Help Themselves by Helping Sales Improve Forecasts –

Posted February 22nd by admin

Improving Sales Forecasting At fast-changing, high-growth organizations, finance executives need to work with sales to derisk the business plan. This is also a way to become a more strategic business partner. – Many chief sales officers are notorious for making pie-in-the-sky forecasts that can lead their company to overspend. CFOs who provide sales forecasting… Continue reading

[Video] Does Social Selling Really Work? – Jill Konrath

Posted February 21st by admin

Social Selling for B2B If you’re new to social selling, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth doing. After all, it takes time to build your online brand, search for info about prospects, connect with new people and especially, share your insights. Let me give you an example of how different social selling is from our… Continue reading

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Posted February 20th by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – February 20, 2013 My eighth grade son reminded me of something I learned a long time ago over the weekend. We were working on a school project. He was creating a poster board advertisement for a made-up product (iSolar, ” the coolest recharger for your iPhone ever!). His teacher requested that the advertisement contain… Continue reading

Posted in Blog

Marketing Displaces Sales! – Partners In Excellence

Posted by admin

The Role of B2B Marketing in the New Buying Process So we get confused, what’s the role of marketing, what’s the role of sales?  Many of us still have the headset that marketing creates awareness, drives demand and leads, which sales qualifies and ultimately closes.  It’s the classic vision of the marketing funnel feeding the… Continue reading

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