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Managing “Big Data” in Your Sales Process – 3FORWARD

Posted January 29th by Dan Hudson

Big Data is a term that is getting a lot of press lately.  It refers to collections of large datasets that are difficult to manage using traditional data processing tools and applications. According to a recent study by IBM 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years… Continue reading

The Future of Lead Nurturing – Marketing Leadership Council

Posted January 28th by admin

B2B Lead Management We’re a few months into our biggest project of the year for B2Bs, and one thing we’ve heard repeatedly is the need to really figure out lead nurturing and lead scoring.  That’s what we’re taking to you: why don’t lead management systems work? Is it because they’re measuring and inflecting the wrong… Continue reading

America’s Most Promising Company On A Sales Meeting Gone Wrong – Forbes

Posted by admin

B2B Sales Presentations 3Cinteractive President Mike FitzGibbon discusses the worst sales meeting of his life, and how it provided a turning point in building America’s Most Promising Company. WATCH VIDEO>>> Source: Forbes

What NOT to Do as a New CMO – Marketing Leadership Council

Posted January 25th by admin

Strategic Marketing This post originally appeared on  You’ve landed on the ground in your new role as CMO.  Congratulations!  You’re facing the tough challenge of forging customer bonds in a noisy, fast-moving marketplace.  Social and mobile media beckon.  Big data and analytics are the key to your marketing future.   Oh, and the economy is moving… Continue reading

An Expert Talks About Fixing Sales Forecasting Problems – Dave Stein's Blog

Posted January 24th by admin

Sales Revenue Forecasting Funny thing.  In the past few months we’ve found an unusually high number of our clients seriously concerned with inaccurate sales forecasting. To put it bluntly, they are finding it impossible to get forecasting right at all. In situations like that, it doesn’t take ESR long to diagnose the cause: a sales… Continue reading

How dirty is your data? B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report out today – Matt on Marketing

Posted by admin

Marketing Databases and Demand Generation When you work with enough data sets across clients, you get a clear sense that data integrity and health isn’t always a focus or top priority. But when you’re faced with the facts about just how bad our data is, and the impact is has on our sales & marketing… Continue reading

Make Your Sales Vision Come To Life – Forbes

Posted January 23rd by admin

Sales Leadership In my previous Harvard Business Review blog I have written about sales leadership being the toughest of the functional leadership roles. No other position demands such a disparate set of competencies, ranging from financial management and forecasting, to inspiring and motivating a geographically dispersed team. In my blog about the keys to sales leadership, I noted that… Continue reading

The Essential Challenge of Marketing Technology – Marketing Leadership Council

Posted by admin

Marketing Automation for Lead Generation A recent Economic Intelligence Unit survey asked business executives (not necessarily in Marketing) about what areas they found it most imperative for Marketing to invest in in the next three years to improve Marketing’s business impact.  Their responses were overwhelmingly skewed toward technology: eight of the top twelve investment areas… Continue reading

Failure to Engage – When Procrastination Causes Sales To Fail – 3FORWARD

Posted January 22nd by Dan Hudson

There are many reasons why companies consistently fail to make their sales and revenue objectives. One sure-fire reason might be because your senior leadership team is putting off making the hard decisions on improving selling effectiveness in terms of people and process. Think about it in reference to your own business.  Are there individuals who… Continue reading

The Problem With Forecasting – Partners In Excellence

Posted by admin

 Sales Management Dashboards In virtually every conversation with a sales executive, at one point we get into a discussion about forecasting.  Usually it starts with the executive mumbling something like, “Damn forecasts are worthless, I might was well flip a coin……..”  Being very cue sensitive, I usually reply something like, “Forecasting system not working for… Continue reading

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