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OnTarget Acquires 3Forward

Posted October 29th by Ed Trachier

  Good partners are hard to find. Ten years ago, when we re-branded OnTarget, I wanted to make sure our new name matched our internal delivery model. We chose "OnTarget Partners" because we truly believe in partnerships with our clients and associates. A couple of years ago, several local clients kept mentioning another D-FW B2B… Continue reading

Lead Nurturing in B2B

Posted September 24th by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – September 24, 2013 Lead nurturing in B2B marketing‚ is important. It’s always great to get a referral, phone call or email with an inquiry from a qualified prospect, and a few days/weeks/months later have a signed agreement¢â‚¬” but it doesn't always happen that way. In many instances, a lead isn’t converted into a client… Continue reading

The Importance of Mapping Accounts in B2B

Posted September 17th by Ed Trachier

Every B2B‚ marketer and salesperson has the requirement of mapping their accounts.‚  By mapping accounts, we understand the decision makers, champions, and influencers that can motivate and purchase from us. Account mapping allows the clear delineation of the “who” in the purchasing decision:‚  “Who is involved in making things happen with regard to the solution I… Continue reading

Quality Sales Leads versus Appointment Setting

Posted August 13th by Ed Trachier

Sales and marketing teams tend to struggle with the common problem of quality versus quantity. In OnTarget’s realm, that usually‚ revolves around‚ what level of qualification is required before a prospect enters the sales funnel. When asked my opinion, I will always take quality over quantity.‚  Always. Executive sales people are highly paid and busy.‚  They don’t… Continue reading

Posted in Variety

The Difference Between Market Research and Marketing Research

Posted July 8th by Ed Trachier

Have you ever thought about the difference between Market Research and Marketing Research? Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, they have differing meanings. Market research deals specifically with the gathering of information about a market's size and trends. Marketing research covers a wider range of activities. While it may involve market research, marketing… Continue reading

Posted in CEO Marketing

Take A Risk: The Odds Are Better Than You Think – Forbes

Posted June 18th by admin

As you look back on your career and life to date, where do you wished you’d been a little braver, trusted in yourself more, and been less cautious in the chances you took? Anything come to mind?  When speaking to people in their forties and beyond, many tell me that if they could do their… Continue reading

Tracking Buying Behavior: Are They Really Into You Or Not? – CSO Insights

Posted May 29th by admin

Tracking Buying Behavior: Are They Really Into You Or Not? A standard practice for assessing the likelihood of a deal closing is tracking selling behavior. If reps are logging activities into their CRM system, a manager can easily see what they have been doing with the prospect-whether they have conducted a qualification call, emailed product… Continue reading

What’s so special about B2B sales?

Posted May 23rd by Ed Trachier

The terms B2B and B2C are short forms for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C). Both describe the nature and selling process of goods and services. While B2B products and services are sold from one company to another, B2C products are sold from a company to the end user. – Wikipedia B2B sales are significantly different… Continue reading

Your Sales Machine is Obsolete – Sales Leadership Council

Posted May 9th by admin

Improving B2B Sales Strategy In my last blog post, I introduced our newest research findings on sales culture, and how most sales organizations today have a sales culture or climate that is hindering their ability to build a Challenger sales force. Most sales leaders recognize that while traditional change management initiatives such as effective training, coaching, and communication… Continue reading


Posted May 8th by admin

B2B Marketing Strategy After hosting a Forrester webinar on April 25 about “3 Ways To Turn Content Marketing into Thought Leadership“, I received some interesting questions from clients. I thought I would share the questions — and a short response to each — since this line of inquiry points to broader question about the role… Continue reading

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