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4 Ways of Measuring Marketing ROI – Eloqua

Posted November 30th by admin

Marketing Management Thanks to advancements in analytics and marketing automation have put measuring marketing ROI possible. The problem is one of definition and communication. What exactly constitutes a good ROI result? The jury’s still out. And until they come back with a verdict, ROI is too broad. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s… Continue reading

5 Inside Sales / SaaS Metrics You Should Know – Inside Sales Experts Blog

Posted by admin

Managing Sales Teams We just published our 2012 Inside Sales for SaaS Metrics & Compensation Report. Just under 200 technology companies participated and we compiled 26 pages of data, insight & ideas. For those of you who don’t have the time or energy to read the full report (and I hope you find both at some point), I… Continue reading

Are Your Managers Hanging On to Bad Sales Reps? – Selling Power

Posted by admin

Sales Managers and Improving Sales Effectiveness Many managers, if on the borderline of attaining their quotas, tend to keep low-performing salespeople on the books for too long.  Those managers would rather keep under performers on the books to generate even a few sales rather than the guaranteed zero sales they’d get if they fired the… Continue reading


Posted November 29th by admin

Lead Creation and Lead Management It’s not fair to say that marketing organizations run their demand management completely without process.  What most marketing organizations don’t have, however, is a consistent, end-to-end process to manage a single customer from lead origination to purchase, which is the heart of lead-to-revenue management.  And for that, I blame the… Continue reading

Superior Selling Results Requires Discipline, Not Luck – 3FORWARD

Posted November 27th by Dan Hudson

John Rohn, American inventor and motivational speaker summed it up the best when he said, “Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments”. How you think, how you feel, and what you do, will most certainly determine your sales results.  Seems like a fairly simple formula, but the reality is that the vast majority of… Continue reading

How Solid is Your Sales Process? – Social Centered Selling

Posted by admin

Increasing Sales Effectiveness To help you increase your sales, improve the profitability of those sales and close those sales far more quickly than you are today, I want you to learn from the best in sales and social media, because selling today requires an entirely different approach and new skills are required! In my current… Continue reading

4 Things to Leave Off Your Social Media Plan – Marketing Leadership Council

Posted by admin

Social Media Business Plans Most businesses are well into planning for the coming year, and lots of members are putting together their social media plans for 2013. We have lots of resources about what to include in your social media plans, but we don’t have much on what not to include. Here are some things to leave… Continue reading

Marketers, Go Back to Basics – Harvard Business Review

Posted November 26th by admin

Marketing Strategy Marketing is changing so fast, it’s easy to get our heads turned by new, high-tech developments. Doesn’t my company need a smartphone app? How should we leverage augmented reality? What about gamification? But, as a marketing consultant who is putting my own theories to the test as I work to drive sales of my… Continue reading

How’s Your Year-End Sales Motivation? – The Sales Hunter

Posted November 20th by admin

 Managing Sales Teams We’re into the home stretch. Before we know it, we will be turning the page on another year.  Challenge is there is still a lot of selling left in this year.  Problem is far too many salespeople are already drawing conclusions as to how their year is going to end. READ MORE>>>… Continue reading

Latest Inside Sales Research Shows it’s All About the Leads – Forbes

Posted by admin

 Increasing Sales Effectiveness Inside sales has been the high-growth area of sales and lead generation since the market crash of 2008 when companies scaled back travel and high cost positions in favor of a new generation of sales people, a high velocity business model, and leveraged affordable technology that companies rent instead of buy. In… Continue reading

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