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18 Growing B2B Content Marketing Trends to Share – Social Media B2B

Posted October 31st by admin

 Creating B2B Leads Every year the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs collaborate on a content marketing survey of B2B marketers. This year’s results are based on responses from 1,416 North American B2B marketers from all industries and all size companies. And just like last year, the adoption of content marketing and the sharing of it using social media continues… Continue reading

When What’s Happening in B2B Sales Is Clear, Performance Can Improve – John Cousineau

Posted by admin

Sales Strategy Jon Vander Ark of McKinsey is the co-author of Sales Growth. In this recent 20 minute audio interview, Vander Ark gives an example of how small acts to improve the visibility of new, large, potential deals enabled an industrial firm to double their sales. His example illustrates how simple awareness of key situations can trigger contributions… Continue reading

Lead Generation: 81% of marketers use email marketing – B2B Lead Roundtable

Posted by admin

Creating B2B Leads “Using email right means that you are just catching existing leads at the right time to move along into the sales funnel,” Tommy says. “But I’m splitting hairs, and email remains the most important marketing tool for identifying ‘hot’ leads.”   READ MORE>>> Source: B2B Lead Roundtable Blog

Six Reasons Marketing Budgets Are On The Rise – Forbes

Posted October 30th by admin

Marketing Strategy Marketing budgets as a percent of overall firm budgets and as a percent of firm revenues are both on the rise as noted in my prior post. Why are firms spending more on marketing? Here are six reasons I see in The CMO Survey™ data and in my research.  READ MORE>>> Source: Forbes

5 Rituals of Top Performing Sales People – Fearless Selling

Posted by admin

Increasing Sales Effectiveness Sometimes, average sales people look at their top performing colleagues and wonder what they do to achieve their results.  Part of their success lies in their pre-sale rituals. Here are 5 rituals that top sales performers execute in order to capture that big deal.   READ MORE>>> Source: Fearless Selling

Choosing the Right Sales Performance Metrics – Insight Squared

Posted by admin

 Managing B2B Sales Teams There is a world of metrics available to you as a sales leader for measuring your sales team. You might have infinite appetite for metrics in order to analyze your team’s performance. Yet it is critical that you limit the number of metrics that you use incorporate into your salesforce reporting since your… Continue reading

Observations From The Fall 2012 Sales 2.0 Conference

Posted October 29th by Dan Hudson

I was fortunate to have been able to attend the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco this week. (Thank you Gerhard!).  This is the second time I have attended this event and it continues to get better and better. The intimate setting of the Four Season’s San Francisco allowed for the perfect blend of comfort… Continue reading

It’s Supposed To Be A Pipeline, Not a Pipe Dream! – Partners In Excellence

Posted by admin

Sales Pipeline Management Every sales professional knows the importance of keeping a full pipeline.  If they don’t, their managers remind them of it every pipeline review.  But if we are keeping full pipelines, why do only 53% of sales people make their quotas?  Something’s wrong. I get to see the pipelines of dozens of organizations… Continue reading

The 5 Fatal Flaws of Elevator Pitching – Forbes

Posted by admin

 Improving Sales Presentations When it comes to the classic elevator pitch, many of us feel inadequate. And no wonder, it’s a pretty tough challenge. How do you capture the essence of what you do, why your company is great, and how you provide superior value in a quick and memorable sound bite? Especially when our… Continue reading

Attracting Industry Influencers – Social Media Today

Posted October 27th by admin

Expanding Business Networks In order for a company to develop a name, networking needs to put it on the map. Fortunately, in today’s society, it can be easy to find influencers who not only do this, but also use social platforms in order to generate conversation about your company. The important thing is determining which… Continue reading

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