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Two Big Problems Between Sales & Marketing – And How to Solve Them – Eloqua

Posted September 25th by admin

Improving Sales and Marketing Effectiveness “We’re all familiar with the divide between sales and marketing. The two teams should be working together, but often they feel like they’re on separate islands. This exact situation was the topic of conversation yesterday at Dreamforce ’12 during a discussion among Splunk’s CMO Steve Sommer, Senior Vice President of… Continue reading

Sales Kickoff Meetings, Who Needs Them? YOU DO!

Posted by Dan Hudson

2013 is right around the corner and if you are a sales leader or CMO you are likely in full planning mode for your 2013 Sales Kick-Off meeting.  How is this year’s agenda shaping up?  Probably some new product training, sales skills, training, compensation plan review, and finally the long awaited sales recognition dinner are… Continue reading

Tips for B2B Marketing at the Big Three Social Sites – Marketing Profs

Posted September 24th by admin

Social Media Marketing for B2Bs “As B2B companies get more comfortable with the big social media outlets, success stories are emerging. “In fact, these social networks have proven indispensable to the marketing strategies of wholesalers and other … B2B companies,” notes Felicia Baratz-Savage in a guest post at Brandwatch. Baratz-Savage offers a quick guide to… Continue reading

Which Social Media Platform is Right For Your Business? – Social Media Today

Posted by admin

 B2B Social Media Marketing “In order to run a successful social media marketing campaign you need to know which platform will work best for your business. It’s worth getting this right, as the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report* states that: 85% of all businesses that have a dedicated social media platform as part of their marketing… Continue reading

What Your Best Salespeople Can Teach You – Harvard Business Review

Posted September 21st by admin

 Building Winning Sales Teams “We recently blogged about the importance of knowing what characteristics (innate traits and abilities) and competencies (learned skills and knowledge) salespeople need to be successful. But how do you identify which attributes (characteristics and competencies) belong in your sales success profile? Perhaps the best source, and one that is too frequently overlooked, comes from within… Continue reading

Do your 2013 Revenue Planning Now!

Posted September 20th by Dan Hudson

Almost every sales leader and sales person I know complains about the traditional late summer slowdown in sales. Prospects are on vacation, school and sports schedules are changing, in most of the country it’s too hot to do things outdoors, and life is a little bit out of cadence.  It may be September, but we… Continue reading

Good presentations matter: Here’s our view on that – Sales Crunch

Posted by admin

Sales Presentations "We’ve all made presentations that we’re proud of.  And some that we aren’t. When we came across this presentation, we loved the simplicity of it. But it had to be great, because it is, after all a presentation about what makes great presentations. We liked this presentation for its simplicity, which is often… Continue reading

3 Detrimental Sales Coaching Mistakes – Sales and Sales Management Blog

Posted September 19th by admin

Increasing Sales Effectiveness “Great sales coaching will not only inspire sales people and generate more sales revenue, but also increase market share, reduce employee turnover, increase customer loyalty and much more.  Successful sales coaching strategies can be the foundation on which your sales team thrives. Conversely, negative coaching, consisting of poorly planned and executed sales… Continue reading

Breaking the Doom Loop of Sales Hiring – Corporate Executive Board

Posted by admin

Building Winning Sales Teams "Sales hiring decisions often lead to classic buyer’s remorse. Sales managers wonder whether a new hire can thrive in a unique selling environment, particularly if they weren’t involved in the interview process. Nagging doubts remain about whether the candidate had the right knowledge, skills, or abilities to succeed in role. We’ve… Continue reading

Using Email to Promote Your Best Content Marketing Collateral – Social Media Today

Posted by admin

 Lead Generation and Email Marketing “Gone are the days of sending out thousands upon thousands of “blast e-mails” to an un-targeted mass audience to sell a product or service. Businesses are now building sophisticated Email marketing campaigns to promote their best online content marketing collateral to a well-defined target audience of new prospects and existing customers. These… Continue reading

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