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A Day in the Life of a Real Social Selling Pro – Eloqua

Posted September 29th by admin

 B2B Social Selling Process “The world has changed. Nothing gets drilled in your head more than that at Dreamforce. Sales and marketing is no stranger to this trend. First, the Internet and instantaneous access to information upended the sales cycle. Now, we’re undergoing a social revolution, where buyers can easily access your product, get comparisons,… Continue reading

How to Attract 1,000 Daily Blog Visitors – Marketing Profs

Posted by admin

 Inbound Marketing Strategies “Large corporations are blogging less, but that doesn’t mean your small business should follow their lead. “When done right, blogging can attract a huge pool of prospective customers,” writes Danny Iny at MarketingProfs, “yet most entrepreneurs’ blogs trudge along with Alexa rankings north of a million.” Iny believes you can boost your… Continue reading

The Secret to Creating High-Impact Tools – The Sales Challenger

Posted September 28th by admin

 Improving Sales Team Effectiveness "Sales organizations often find themselves inundated with rep requests for new sales tools. That said, despite the time and effort Sales Ops spends designing and perfecting new tools, sales force adoption often remains low, with many of the sales tools requested by reps rarely used in the field. What’s more, the… Continue reading

Industry Analysis Is Out of Date – Harvard Business Review

Posted by admin

Sector Segmenting and Targeting “For some time now, I’ve been observing that one of the central principles of strategy – that industries are a fundamental building block for strategic analysis – is being challenged. It’s been interesting to watch computer companies go after the entertainment business, Internet time-wasters competing with televised time-wasters, and games played on social… Continue reading

Beyond Lead Nurturing – How to Create Effective Calls to Action!

Posted September 27th by admin

Over just the last year alone, I bet more has been published about how to do B2B lead nurturing and content marketing than anyone with demand generation responsibility could possibly absorb in a lifetime.  Even if that’s all they did, all day long, every day of the week!   By the way, knowing all that… Continue reading

Getting Channel Sales Right – The Sales Challenger

Posted by admin

Alternative Sales Models "How do you get someone not on your direct payroll to do what is in their best interest–and yours? For all the challenges of partnering with third parties, getting it right can truly pay off. The journey starts with identifying what good looks like and getting consensus around priorities."   READ MORE…… Continue reading

Why BANT No Longer Applies for B2B Lead Qualification – The Annuitas Group

Posted by admin

 Improving Sales Prospect Qualification Processes “Today’s buyer has unprecedented access to information enabling them to make informed buying decisions, short lists and determine the best fit for their needs without ever speaking to a seller.  In fact, recent statistics from Sirius Decisions and Selling Power state that more than 50% of the buying process is… Continue reading

Making Assumptions About The Buyer’s Journey – Marketing Interactions

Posted September 26th by admin

Creating Personas for Prospect Problem Solving “I’d like to take pause to question how marketers are using the term “buyer’s journey.” This also applies to buying process, buying cycle, sales cycle, etc. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know I’ve been on a bit of a quest to get marketers to stop and… Continue reading

The Demise of the “Hunter” – SalesBytes

Posted by admin

 Building Winning Sales Teams “I’ve always been uncomfortable with the word “hunter” when referring to salespeople. The connotation of the word implies that there must be prey. Which again implies a win/lose situation i.e. the salesperson wins at the prospect’s expense — literally. This might have been true in the old world of selling when… Continue reading

Two Big Problems Between Sales & Marketing – And How to Solve Them – Eloqua

Posted September 25th by admin

Improving Sales and Marketing Effectiveness "We’re all familiar with the divide between sales and marketing. The two teams should be working together, but often they feel like they’re on separate islands. This exact situation was the topic of conversation yesterday at Dreamforce ’12 during a discussion among Splunk’s CMO Steve Sommer, Senior Vice President of… Continue reading

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