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Why You Want to be a Teaching Organization Not a Sales Organization – Jim Keenan

Posted August 15th by admin

 B2B Selling Strategy “Do you want to know where the biggest opportunity for sales growth is today? Are you looking for a new, sure fire sales strategy that will increase sales, get you more leads, accelerate sales cycles, reduce cost of sales and improve close rates? Do you want to know what is the one… Continue reading

A Strategic Approach to “Selling” Marketing Automation Internally – Annuitas Group

Posted by admin

B2B Marketing Automation and Lead Generation  “A few weeks ago, I spoke with a marketing manager who was very excited about his plans to implement a lead management process and an enabling marketing automation (MA) solution at his company.  We met, devised a plan and agreed to a timeline to begin the engagement.  Two weeks… Continue reading

How to Keep Your Content Marketing Shelves Stocked – MarketingProfs

Posted August 14th by admin

B2B Marketing Strategies “Just like a shop owner who tracks his sales and restocks the shelves accordingly, content marketers need to be on top of their content. Otherwise, they end up with empty shelves, disgruntled customers, and fewer coins in the coffer.   That’s why smart content marketers use an editorial calendar to plan, produce, and… Continue reading

Social Loafing is Not a New Form of Social Media

Posted by Dan Hudson

Social Loafing May Be Lowering Your Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Sure, some of your employees may spend too many work hours on their favorite social media sites, but this productivity drag pales in comparison to the rising problem of social loafing that occurs in almost every firm.  Social loafing is a widely researched phenomenon that… Continue reading

McKinsey on Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies – Sales 2.0 Advocate

Posted August 13th by admin

B2B Sales Strategy “The best organizations are investing heavily into the science of selling, adding deep analytical capabilities in sales ops and building more quantitative skills into their sales force. Their sales people are becoming great “data hunters” because that’s the skill you really need these days to unlock all those opportunities – whether it’s… Continue reading

Linkedin Lead Nurturing for Sales People – The Funnelholic

Posted by admin

Lead Generation “Over the last three weeks, I have viewed someone’s profile and they have sent me a note within a day. I clicked on one woman’s profile I haven’t spoken to in months. BOOM, hours later, I got a Linkedin message: “How’s business?” I love it. The idea here is very similar to what… Continue reading

90% of successful lead follow-up occurred within 28 days of first contact – B2B Lead Blog

Posted by admin

Lead Management Consulting “If there is a chance to network and build relationships, there is opportunity to generate and nurture leads. Trade shows, workshops and webinars are gold mines for obtaining information. It’s fair to say 98% of attendees likely have an interest in your solution, and that is enough to begin the nurturing process.… Continue reading

Preparing Presentations: 5 Ways To Practice ‘Til Perfect – The Big Fish Blog

Posted August 11th by admin

B2B Sales Effectiveness “For most people, presentations make them nervous, which is natural.  However, you can significantly decrease your nervousness by taking certain steps, carefully preparing yourself for the event to come.  At Big Fish Presentations, we encourage our clients to practice a variety of methods that ease nerves, which makes them more successful and… Continue reading

Top Five Sales Negotiation Mistakes – Forbes

Posted August 10th by admin

B2B Sales Strategy “Picture the scene: it’s late in your fiscal year and you’re in the final stages of negotiating a big sale. If you land this one, you will exceed your annual sales target by 25 percent and your bonus will double. No doubt about it – you want this one. Then comes the… Continue reading

The Signs of an Olympian Level Marketing Team – Eloqua

Posted by admin

Building Marketing Teams “Most marketers will probably never battle it out at the Olympics. But plenty know what it’s like to go head-to-head against the competition. To win, modern marketers need to prepare like athletes with the top-notch resources and clear-cut strategies. Here are four elements of an Olympic level marketing team.”  READ MORE…. Source:… Continue reading

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