Lead Lifecycle Management

Best-In-Class Companies Require Fewer Marketing Responses To Win A Deal!

Posted July 31st by Dan Hudson

Marketing Leaders, are you sitting down? If not take a seat and consider these facts about Best In Class Demand Generation programs!  According to a just released Aberdeen Group report entitled "Marketing Lead Management, From the Top of the Funnel to the Top Line" Best-In-Class companies are blowing the Industry Average and Laggard companies out… Continue reading

Content Marketing 101 – Essential Questions & Answers – TopRank Online Marketing Blog

Posted by admin

Content Marketing Best Practices “If you’re new to implementing content marketing as a productive complement to your paid, earned and shared media efforts, check out the basics below on starting out, measuring success and where content marketing may be headed.”  READ MORE… Source: TopRank Online Marketing Blog

B2B Email Marketing Best-Practices and Trends – Marketing Profs

Posted July 30th by admin

B2B Demand Generation “Email is still an invaluable asset to marketers; however, only 30% of B2B marketers are using email marketing as their primary lead generation tactic, according to a study by Pardot.  Rather, in today’s marketing environment, email appears to be more effective for nurturing prospects than lead generation, the study reports.”   READ MORE… Source: Marketing Profs

Objection Handling in Sales –

Posted by admin

B2B Sales Strategy “I wonder what customers are thinking sometimes. Why is it that a lot of the time as soon we begin talking, they immediately try to shut us down? It can’t be anything we’ve said, because we haven’t even had time to say anything yet! Yet they seem so skeptical and unyielding. Maybe… Continue reading

B2B Marketers Have A Blind Spot: The Buyer Journey – Forrester

Posted July 27th by admin

Marketing Strategy “I’ve written before about how B2B marketing is going through an essential transformation. Historically, our focus has been on events, PR, and collateral. Now our CEOs and board are demanding that we’re directly driving revenue growth. This requires a whole new set of skills and activities across marketing and sales teams: content marketing,… Continue reading

Is Your Marketing Department Ready for a Lead Generation Makeover?

Posted July 26th by Dan Hudson

Driven by the "new normal" of customer acquisition and revenue growth requirements, many B2B marketing organizations are seeking to transform themselves through process improvements and the application business intelligence.  For example, companies that have implemented and mastered the use of lead management tools are quickly outpacing their competitors by a significant margin and are proving… Continue reading

How Challengers Account Plan – The Sales Challenger

Posted by admin

B2B Sale Account Planning "What should be keeping this customer up at night?  That is the single most important question sellers must know about their best accounts – arguably all accounts – but most certainly their most promising."  READ MORE… Source: Corporate Executive Board's Sales Practice – The Sales Challenger Blog

To Build a Great Sales Team, You Need a Great Manager – HBR

Posted July 25th by admin

Creating Winning Sales Teams “In our experience, companies that have winning sales forces start with excellent managers. Most sales organizations focus considerable energy to build a team of excellent salespeople, yet regrettably, they focus too little attention on building the management team, which is truly “the force behind the sales force.” Consider the following evidence.”… Continue reading

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content – Forbes

Posted by admin

Making Sure Your Sales Prospects Can Find You Online “Google used to think if you linked to someone on the Internet they must have valuable content. Now Google seems to believe that if you promote content with social media it is more indicative of relevant content and less likely to be faked. The bottom line… Continue reading

The First Thing to Fix For CEO’s Unhappy With Sales Results

Posted July 24th by admin

In 2011 Forrester CEO George Colony wrote a blog post titled, CEOs Want Better Sales Forces.   He said the chief executives he talked to gave their sales teams a 'C-', citing the following reasons for their low grade. Four Problems CEOs Have With Their Sales Teams 1) "Speed." The sales force is always 12 to… Continue reading

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