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B2B Sales Leaders: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

Posted June 28th by Dan Hudson

Still sending your sales people to be productive by providing them some basic tools like capability presentations, price lists, and CRM contact information that is months (or years) old?  That's like sending your reps to a gunfight equipped with a knife – the outcome is rarely pretty. One of the key tools needed most by… Continue reading

Too Much Sales Data or Not Enough Sales Intelligence?

Posted June 26th by Dan Hudson

Your sales reps are continuously threatened with information overload.  Forget for a moment about the tidal wave of internal information they have to deal with on a daily basis and focus just on the information flows related to producing new revenues.  Think about it, we ask every rep to be an expert on the industry… Continue reading

If John Riggins Had Been A Sales Person He Would Have Been a Rainmaker

Posted June 21st by Dan Hudson

OK I admit it, even though the college football season is still a few months off I was thinking about college football this afternoon instead of working. I was remembering back to some of the great players that were college hero’s who made it big in pro football. I grew up in Kansas and with… Continue reading

6 Months Left To Make Your Revenue Number, Sales Leaders

Posted June 19th by Dan Hudson

School is out and upcoming summer vacations are top of mind with many of us, which also means that there about six months left in this selling year.  Summer can be a difficult time to sell because so many decision makers, other executives and managers, and even sales reps are away on holiday.  If you… Continue reading

What Sales Process You Ask?

Posted June 14th by Dan Hudson

Ask any CEO to describe their manufacturing or service delivery process and they can likely spend hours telling you about it.  They can explain how they built not only a process but also a level of efficiency that gives them a competitive advantage.  They will also likely explain that the processes has changed significantly over… Continue reading

Two Reasons Why Your B2B Sales Team Is Not Achieving Quota

Posted June 12th by Dan Hudson

As we reach mid-year many B2B Sales Leaders are looking at their sales pipelines and starting to realize their year is in jeopardy! The executive team is possibly even beginning to speculate where the issues lie; is it poor sales leadership, lazy sales people, problems with the product/services portfolio, or uncompetitive pricing? It’s possible that… Continue reading

Is There a Marketing Skills Gap – You Bet There Is!

Posted June 7th by Dan Hudson

Let's face it; the role of the Chief Marketing Officer has changed vastly over the last few years. While the creative side of marketing is not dead, it's no longer enough for a CMO to provide the guidance and oversight to roles such as branding, PR, or website development.  The marketing department must step up… Continue reading

7 Steps to Marketing Automation Success

Posted June 5th by Dan Hudson

So you are about to take the plunge and invest in a state of the art marketing automation solution.  Once you purchase it and turn it on your sales team is going to be overwhelmed with more qualified leads than they can handle, you may even need to hire more sales people to keep up… Continue reading

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