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Selling B2B Solutions? It’s Never About The Budget!

Posted May 30th by Dan Hudson

One thing we were all taught in our first sales 101 classes is that you must always make sure that your prospect has the budget to afford your product or solution. I have found through my 35 plus years in sales and sales leadership positions that this axiom is hogwash.  The reality is that prospects… Continue reading

Reinventing Your Sales Model is A) Overdue, B) Impossible, C) Mandatory for Survival

Posted May 24th by admin

Unless you are the rare CEO or Chief Sales Officer with a B2B sales force that is knocking it out of the park, you likely fall into either the A or B answer to our question of changing your selling model.   If you're in that lucky club then we graciously give you back the two… Continue reading

When Marketing Automation Fails to Increase Leads

Posted May 22nd by Dan Hudson

Marketing automation providers continue to grow as companies in the B2B space and B2C space compete for the limited prospects available today.  Go to any Sales 2.0 trade show or marketing conference and you are likely to see major players like Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Pardot, and LeadLife in exhibitor or sponsor roles.  They all tout… Continue reading

It’s Time to Evolve Your Inside Sales Team

Posted May 17th by Dan Hudson

We have several clients in the process of abandoning their outdated inside "bang the phones" cold calling lead generation teams in favor of new, best-practices-based lead management models.  They realize that they must change their lead creation process to have any hope of providing the quantity and quality of leads their outside sales reps need… Continue reading

Sales and Marketing Alignment, All Talk and No Action

Posted May 15th by Dan Hudson

In the last two years I have read over 200 articles / blog posts on the criticality of sales and marketing alignment. Yes, there is a lot of talk about aligning sales and marketing but according to Marketing Sherpa’s 2012 B2B Benchmark Report almost 50% of the 1,745 survey respondents reported that it is still… Continue reading

Improving B2B Sales Close Rates Is All About Timing

Posted May 11th by Dan Hudson

How many sales cold calls have you made this week, ten, twenty, more? How many qualified prospects have you discovered during your prospecting activities? If you are like most sales reps the answer is probably very few!  Selling – just like life – is all about timing. Being at the right place at right time… Continue reading

Should B2B Companies Blog? YES They Should!

Posted May 4th by Dan Hudson

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 15th anniversary of web logs or blogs as we refer to them today. What started as a personal publication platform has exploded into it’s own market and has created a huge array of ancillary products and services. For many companies their blog is the hub of… Continue reading

What Is Wrong With Most Outsourcing Company Websites

Posted May 3rd by admin

“I’m dreaming of a great provider website” That’s the intro to a must-read blog post from Horses for Sources outsourcing analyst Deb Kops.   “Why are outsourcing providers’ websites such an abysmal lot when, for many, they are buyers’ first introduction to a provider?” Deb asks this simple question, then goes on to share her list… Continue reading

Facebook Marketing – A Case Study

Posted May 2nd by admin

The Gents Place Puts A Modern Twist On Barbering This article appears under the title “Hair Extensions” in the May 7, 2012 edition of Forbes. Full Article on Forbes by Alex Knapp, you can follow him at: @TheAlexKnapp Since opening the first Gents Place in Frisco, Tex. in December 2008, Davis has signed up more… Continue reading

What the NFL Draft and Sales Team Recruiting Have In Common

Posted May 1st by Dan Hudson

The NFL Draft happened last week and as expected two quarterbacks went as the number one and two pick in round one.  The draft began in 1936 and the original rationale in creating the draft was to increase the competitive parity between the teams as the worst team would be able to choose the best… Continue reading

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