Lead Lifecycle Management

Confrontation is Critical For Sales Success

Posted April 26th by Dan Hudson

Confrontation is defined as a discord or a clash of opinions and ideas, and it’s not surprising that most people avoid confrontations at all costs. But when it comes to making decisions about conflicted business and sales processes confrontation is necessary to keep your sales process dynamic. This is especially true regarding the interaction between… Continue reading

Shared (Sales) Responsibility is No Responsibility!

Posted April 24th by Dan Hudson

It’s that time of year again!  No, I am not talking about the opening of the Major League Baseball season, I am talking about your first board meeting of 2012. If you made your Q1 revenue plan and if the pipeline is strong it should be a low stress meeting. The selling environment however remains… Continue reading

Sales Pipelines – Win, Lose or No Decisions

Posted April 20th by Dan Hudson

After analyzing numerous sales pipelines for clients so far in 2012 we are seeing a trend has continued to gain strength over the last 8 quarters, and that trend is that the competition is stronger than ever!  What a surprise you say to yourself, you’ve known that for along time. The real question is; do… Continue reading

Good Today is Better Than Perfect Tomorrow

Posted April 17th by Dan Hudson

A few years ago 3FORWARD was helping a startup-outsourcing client launch a new business line. Our role was to assist them in hiring the core of their sales organization and to help them develop a lead creation process to feed their hungry sales team. The launch was proceeding very slowly and the CEO was getting… Continue reading

Outsource Your Sales Team and Generate More Revenue… Really?!

Posted April 12th by Dan Hudson

Mention the word outsourcing and most people will think of customer support centers in faraway countries with hard to understand, unhelpful agents. Mention it in conjunction with the selling function and most senior executive's first reaction is "there is no way I would trust my most critical function to an outside party". But if your… Continue reading

B2B Sales Performance Review – Month Three

Posted April 9th by Dan Hudson

Yes, There is Still Time to Salvage Your 2012 Sales Year How was your sales team’s performance in Q1, and what does your pipeline look like over the next two quarters? If you made your Q1 sales target and have a robust qualified pipeline, congratulations. If you missed your plan and have doubts about the… Continue reading

I'm Mad As Hell!

Posted April 4th by Dan Hudson

For those of you that lived or grew up in the southwestern United States you may recall Eddie Chiles. Eddie was in the oilfield services business in Texas and one time owner of the Texas Rangers Baseball team. He founded the Western Company of North America in 1939 with 2 truck and 3 employees. Over… Continue reading

The Sales Revenue Half Marathon

Posted April 2nd by Dan Hudson

Know Where to Start Measuring Your Sales Cycle When we ask CEO’s and CSO’s how long their average sales cycle is they often describe it in terms of the time between the initial discussions with a prospect and when a sale is actually closed or lost.  They often see it as a short distance race… Continue reading

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