Managing Sales Teams

The "Mañana Effect" Can Destroy Your Business

Posted March 28th by Dan Hudson

Is Sales Procrastination Creeping Into Your Company? Think of all the times someone has told you they will do something “Ma±ana”?  Most people believe that this means that the work, task, or obligation will be done tomorrow. The literal translation however means that something will happen at sometime in the future or in other words,… Continue reading

Is Your Customer Base Filled With Thoroughbreds or Nags?

Posted March 26th by Dan Hudson

There is a sales axiom that states that it’s easier to keep an old customer, than to find a new one, and this is especially true in today’s highly competitive marketplace. So why do so many companies focus the bulk of their sales energy trying to bring in new logos rather than cross selling and… Continue reading

Converting More Leads to Sales – The Real Pony in the Barn!

Posted March 22nd by Dan Hudson

Converting more leads to sales and getting a greater share of a prospect’s wallet is a common goal shared by both sales and marketing departments. More often than not these teams are measured with separate sets of metrics and they focus on attaining those metrics in order to justify their existence. The sales function is… Continue reading

Do You Want More Sales? Focus Your Reps on Closing Not Prospecting!

Posted March 20th by Dan Hudson

How do best in class companies achieve and maintain peak performance? The answer is they focus their sales team on closing qualified opportunities not prospecting! Sales leaders running high performance teams understand that long-term sales effectiveness is the right application of people and process and they constantly look for ways to enhance productivity. One of… Continue reading

Managing The Hidden Sales Cycle

Posted March 15th by Dan Hudson

When it comes to product and services selection, buyers today are much better informed than they were 10 years ago. Social networks, peer groups, company websites and industry analysts all arm prospects with more than enough data to help them through the research and evaluation phases of the buy cycle. As they enter the formal… Continue reading

Making The Case For Inside Sales

Posted March 13th by Dan Hudson

One mistake we see repeated in many of the companies we work with is the belief that there are only two ways to grow revenues; hiring more sales people and increasing deal size.  Unfortunately there are two flaws to this line of reasoning. First, asking your sale team to focus only on larger deals means… Continue reading

When is a Sales Lead More Than Just a Lead?

Posted March 8th by Dan Hudson

When It's Managed Through the Entire Sales Process! Now is not an easy time to be a B2B marketer.  Business climates may be improving in some industries but the pressure on the marketing team to build, run and manage campaigns that deliver qualified leads to the sales organization continues to increase. Many marketing organizations complain… Continue reading

B2B Sales Performance Review – Month Two

Posted March 5th by Dan Hudson

Sales Leaders – Two Full Months Gone, Are You On Track or Already Behind? With February now in the books it's time to review sales performance metrics for the first two months of the 2012 sales plan.  Hopefully you took the time earlier this year to develop an individualized sales leaders checklist to help you… Continue reading

SPEND Your Way to Selling Success

Posted March 2nd by Dan Hudson

A Better Way to Choose Future Sales Stars Almost every CEO and CSO we work with tell us that they don’t have enough “A” sales reps on their sales team and sales turnover seems higher than it should be.  We are often asked what are the key attributes of “A” sales executives; is it industry… Continue reading

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