Sales Change Management

Does Your Company Have a Revolving Sales Door?

Posted February 29th by Dan Hudson

Many times on the Sales Leaders Blog we have suggested that sales leader effectiveness is the proper mix of process and people. If you have determined that your current sales leader does not have the skills and or drive to get the job done, leaving them in place too long can have a negative impact… Continue reading

Guidance for CEOs Struggling With a Weak Sales Leader

Posted February 27th by admin

In helping CEOs execute sales transformation initiatives within their organizations, we regularly see top executives struggle with the effectiveness (or perceived lack thereof) of their chief sales officer.  In truth, it's sometimes difficult to isolate whether the CSO is causing poor sales results or simply suffering from a deeply rooted poor selling model.  Nonetheless, it's… Continue reading

What CMOs Can Learn From Successful B2B Content Marketers

Posted February 24th by admin

A recently released study titled B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends reports that nine of ten B2B marketers have made content marketing part of their demand generation strategy.  The study was completed by MarketingProfs and provides a great deal of insight into the current and future state of the B2B marketing practice. Habits… Continue reading

Proactive or Reactive, How You Coach Your Sales Team Matters

Posted February 22nd by Dan Hudson

Study Confirms Importance of Proactive Sales Coaching on Rep Results CSO Insights recently released a white paper titled “Closing What You Forecast” examining recent findings contained in their annual Sales Management Optimization Study (SMO).  This particular white paper focuses on sales forecasting trends and activities that can increase win rates and reduce losses/no decisions. Data… Continue reading

How To Improve Sales Pipeline and Forecast Accuracy

Posted February 20th by admin

Defining Sales Stages Imperative for Reliable Pipelines and Sales Forecasts Reliable sales pipelines only happen when all the phases your prospects go through are well defined AND your sales team applies those stages consistently in your CRM.   We have been reminded the importance of this fundamental element of sales process management as we've worked through… Continue reading

Lead Lifecycle Management – Secrets of the Best in Class

Posted February 15th by Dan Hudson

How Average Lead Generation Results Can Become Best In Class We have talked in recent posts about Aberdeen Group's 2011 report, "Optimizing the Marketing to Sales Lead Lifecycle Report."  In it they identify the best practices necessary for laggards at lead management to move to industry average, then for average performers to achieve best in… Continue reading

How To Create the Basic B2B Sales Dashboard

Posted February 13th by admin

The Sales Metrics You Must Measure to Achieve Your Sales Goals For Sales Leaders and CEOs the right sales data means everything when it comes to defining your Sales Plan and measuring progress towards your revenue targets.  Sales dashboards can provide that visibility, but they are only as accurate as the underlying metrics, calculations and… Continue reading

Lead Lifecycle Management – Improving from Average to Best In Class

Posted February 10th by Dan Hudson

Part 2: Lead Lifecycle Management, How Does Your Firm Measure Up? Congratulations if you read "Lead Lifecycle Management, How Does Your Firm Measure Up?" and have implemented the suggestions at the end of the post.  You have taken a first big step towards improving your B2B sales lead generation results by focusing on the three… Continue reading

Lead Lifecycle Management, How Does Your Firm Measure Up?

Posted February 8th by Dan Hudson

3 Steps to Improving Lead Generation Results Improving the quantity and quality of B2B leads isn’t a simple task, ask any sales or marketing leader and they will tell you that!  However, a 2011 Aberdeen Group study entitled “Optimizing The Marketing To Sales Lead Lifecycle” proves there is great value in making the effort to… Continue reading

How To Increase Your Sales Win Rate by 9%

Posted February 6th by admin

What A 9% Win Rate Increase Means In Real Sales Results In their 2011 Sales Performance Optimization study CSO Insights reported that B2B sales organizations with a formal prospect definition experienced a 9% greater win rate than those with no formal prospect definition. We analyzed the value of that 9 percent advantage in our Sales… Continue reading

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