Sales 2.0

Turning Your Website Into a Sales 2.0 Partner

Posted January 30th by Dan Hudson

If your firm is like most of the companies we engage with your marketplace is crowded with competitors.  Every competitor has a website, some are good and some not so good.  Given tight sales and marketing budgets how can you improve the odds of your web site being found when a prospect with a need… Continue reading

How to Deliver Bad Sales News to the CEO

Posted January 27th by admin

When Is a Good Time for Bad Sales News? While dealing with bad news is never a fun part of the job for CEOs and Chief Sales Officers, it's why you "make the big bucks", right?   When it comes to bad sales news, we also always prefer January challenges over December surprises.   Most Boards of… Continue reading

When It Comes to Sales Prospecting, Warm is the New Cold

Posted January 25th by Dan Hudson

Cold Calling or Warm Calling, Your Sales Team Needs Both Skills We routinely see companies with B2B sales organizations that don't (or won't) make cold sales calls.  When a web or phone lead comes in they are quick to respond but when no leads are available their sales people sit idle, do non-sales related tasks,… Continue reading

Sales Metrics You Can’t Manage Without

Posted January 23rd by admin

What B2B Sales Metrics Are Most Important to Your Company? The right sales metrics tell the chief sales officer and CEO everything they need to know about how they are tracking towards their company's revenue objectives.   For some companies it's a complex, finely tuned set of calculations, reports and charts.   Others are just as successful… Continue reading

A B2B Sales Planning Guidebook

Posted January 20th by admin

5 Steps to a Winning B2B Sales Plan 2012 is off and running for B2B sales teams and sales leaders are already wringing their hands over pipelines, close dates, deal sizes and winning percentages.  It may seem like it's already too late to take the time to finish your 2012 sales plan, however little else… Continue reading

Shrinking Average B2B Deal Sizes – What a Difference a Year Makes!

Posted January 18th by admin

Average Sale Amounts in the Greater Than $250K Category Dropped from 21% to 11% of All Sales The average deal sizes for B2B Sales has decreased across all measured categories over the past two years, reports leading researcher Marketing Sherpa.   In a recently published analysis they indicate that an increased reliance on promotions and "selling… Continue reading

Is Your B2B Sales Leader a Cowboy or a Conductor?

Posted January 16th by Dan Hudson

Cowboys may have tamed the Wild West but in today's economy the  "shoot, ready, aim" approach of many B2B sales leaders is hurting their firms ability to for sales success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  A few years ago most sales leaders could rely on their Rolodex and few rounds of golf to ensure they… Continue reading

A B2B Sales Transformation Outline – Driving Change from Average to Best In Class

Posted January 13th by admin

Are You Tired of Waiting for Best In Class Sales Results? We started a discussion at the beginning of the year on B2B sales transformation, asking the question, Where Does the B2B Sales Model Go From Here?  Why is that more pertinent now than ever?  Quite simply, because the traditional sales model most companies still… Continue reading

Lasting Sales Transformation Is Possible When It Starts At the Top

Posted January 11th by admin

Right now a lot of CEOs are staring down the barrel of their 2012 revenue target.   Board commitments are made and it's time to make it happen.  Many of them are also realizing that major changes are needed in their sales model if they want to get there. When It's Time to Go Big With… Continue reading

Will Your 2012 Sales Kick Off Meeting Inspire or Disappoint?

Posted January 9th by admin

Welcome to Sales Kick Off Season! We all have that first week back behind us which means it's the official beginning of Sales Kick Off Season for B2B Sales Leaders.   Last month Dan Hudson made some excellent points about these annual events with this post, Sales Kick Off Meetings – Do It Right Or Not… Continue reading

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