Lead Lifecycle Management

Who Owns Lead Generation – A B2B Survey

Posted November 30th by Dan Hudson

3FORWARD recently conducted two webinars with the Outsourcing Institute focused on creating and qualifying sale ready leads.  As part of the webinar registration process attendees were asked to answer three survey questions on lead generation, sales team size, and deal size. The majority of the respondents were in sales and marketing, some in lead generation… Continue reading

Are You Trapped In Sales Pipeline Purgatory?

Posted November 29th by Dan Hudson

As we come down the backstretch of 2011 most Chief Sales Officers are giving their sales pipeline a critical look to see which opportunities are still closeable this year. Many are surprised to see that a significant number of deals have started to age, some to the point that they are likely a loss or… Continue reading

One Month To Go Sales Leaders

Posted November 28th by admin

Welcome back from a long weekend, or in some cases a week’s vacation.   After you clear your emails and catch up with your sales team, have you decided your priorities for the final weeks of the year? Maybe it’s helping close that final contract, visiting a couple key accounts or sitting in on a year-end… Continue reading

Keep It Simple When It Comes To Sales Compensation

Posted November 22nd by Dan Hudson

In an earlier blog post that cited some key data from a recent CSO Insights report on best practices in tracking sales metrics, we noted that companies that measure 4-7 key sales metrics had higher sales performance than companies that tracked 3 or fewer key sales metrics. My first reaction when I read these statistics… Continue reading

How many Sales Metrics Should You Track?

Posted November 21st by Dan Hudson

Study Says Track More Metrics for Performance Management and Few Metrics for Sales Rep Compensation When you ask a sales leader or CEO what is the primary metric their firm uses to monitor sales performance the answer will usually be, "Did the rep make plan and did they win new logo accounts?" A recent CSO… Continue reading

Social Media Data Stacks by Hubspot

Posted November 17th by admin

“The Social Media Data Stacks” is part of Watershed Publishing’s Data Insights series featuring trends, data and research. This collection brings together months of surveys, reports and insights released by nationally recognized research and marketing organizations focused on keeping pace with the latest data about social media – its growth and use. The charts in… Continue reading

Has B2B Marketing Embraced Lead Generation?

Posted November 16th by admin

MarketingSherpa LLC, a MECLABS Group Company, has released their 2012 edition of the B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. They surveyed more than 1,700 B2B marketers in what they call one of the most extensive studies in the industry.  The full report looks at top challenges B2B marketers are facing, barriers preventing success and best practices to… Continue reading

To Improve Sales Results Where is the Best Place to Start?

Posted November 15th by admin

Consider the following situation.  You are the newly Chief Sales Officer for a company with a major need to jump start sales.   Everything seems broken, in need of attention or glaringly absent.  The sales team is all over the place, process is non-existent, lead gen isn't happening anywhere and no one believes anything that comes… Continue reading

High Performance Or High Maintenance. What Is Your Sales Team Made Of?

Posted November 14th by Dan Hudson

I was speaking with the CSO of a medium size BPO firm that has been around quite some time but is not yet a household name here in the United States. He has been in his current position several months and is in the process of rebuilding a sales team. I asked him what were… Continue reading

How Closely Are You Watching Your Competition?

Posted November 11th by admin

Tap the Social Media Stream for Competitors' Secrets reads the headline in a recent article on   The story looks at how, "Savvy companies are monitoring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to pick up valuable competitive intelligence about their rivals' product specs, pricing, finances and dissatisfied customers." The article provides a couple interesting monitoring examples.  It… Continue reading

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