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Outsourcing News, Market Trends and Online Discussions 8.31.11

Posted August 31st by admin

Weekly Outsourcing Headlines, On-line Discussions and News Identify outsourcing sales triggers, connect with outsourcing industry leaders, spot trends and even chat with clients or prospects.  For outsourcing sales leaders, ITO sales, BPO sales, Analysts, Advisors and outsourcing consultants – these links are opportunities to engage your subject experts, showcase thought-leadership, link back to relevant blog… Continue reading

Leads vs. Closing – Which Matters More to Sales Success?

Posted August 30th by admin

What's the bigger challenge for B2B sales teams?   Finding and creating leads or closing them? We asked that question on our LinkedIn group, Sales Readiness, and started a pretty spirited debate between members.   Probably the most thoughtful reply was this one from Sandy Horner, "If a lead is not closed, there is no sale. Therefore… Continue reading

Seventh Inning Stretch For Outsourcing Sales Teams

Posted August 29th by admin

We are entering the homestretch of the Outsourcing Sales Leaders' Calendar September's arrival signals the start of the year's final new business push for outsourcing sales and other B2B sales teams with long sales cycles.  Sales reps are working hard to close those last key deals, doing everything they can to speed their prospects through… Continue reading

Read to Lead: Favorite B2B Sales and Marketing Blogs for #FF

Posted August 26th by admin

A quick list on some excellent blogs we love to follow (in no particular order). Check them out, plug them into your favorite reader and prepare to learn something! Thought Leaders, Analysts and Authors B2B Lead Roundtable Blog The Forrester Blog for CMO and Marketing Leadership Professionals CSO Insights Blog Harvard Business Review Blog Network… Continue reading

Sell Fast or Finish Last

Posted August 25th by Dan Hudson

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. "  Rupert Murdoch The most successful companies continually transform themselves to remain competitive in a constantly changing marketplace.  Automakers change models every year, fast food restaurants change their menus to reflect the changing tastes of… Continue reading

Outsourcing News, Discussions and Trends 8.24.11

Posted August 24th by admin

3FORWARD's Complimentary Weekly Bulletin of Outsourcing's On-line Discussions and Updates. Identify sales trigger events, connect with industry leaders, spot trends and even chat with clients or prospects.  For outsourcing providers, ITO's, BPO's, Analysts, Advisors and others – these links are opportunities to engage your subject experts, showcase thought-leadership, link back to relevant blog posts and… Continue reading

A B2B Sales Leaders Fourth Quarter Must-Do List

Posted August 23rd by admin

Preparing Your Sales Team for 2012 Sales Leaders, now is a great time to get a head start on your year-end planning and wrap up.   Starting now while the successes and setbacks of 2011 are fresh in your mind guarantees a far better sales plan for 2012. Sales Leader's Twenty-Five 4th Quarter "Must-Dos" Plan your… Continue reading

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing is the Question. The Answer is Yes!

Posted August 22nd by Dan Hudson

What's More Important to a B2B demand generation program, Outbound or Inbound Marketing?  Both, of course! On a recent client call with the CMO we were discussing the reasons why all B2B companies need marketing automation technology to help fill their sales funnel with qualified prospects.  Why? Because well executed MA solutions will yield a… Continue reading

Do I Have Enough Sales Pipeline to Make My 2011 Number?

Posted August 19th by admin

It’s the time of year when sales leaders stare at their pipelines like a pilot watches the gauges at landing. The fortunate few are confident they have enough late stage, highly qualified opportunities to make their number. Some know they make the goal if that mega-deal will close on time. Others just aren’t sure how… Continue reading

Are You Competitor Obsessed?

Posted August 18th by Dan Hudson

How much time does your company spend watching and worrying about your competitors?  Probably too much! It’s a common practice for companies in all industries to watch and track the sales and marketing activities of their competitors.  They watch like hawks for the slightest change to messaging or tactics and feel compelled to adjust to… Continue reading

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