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Sales Management 2.0 Optimizing Sales Performance by CSO Insights

Posted May 31st by admin

Sales Management 2.0, Optimizing Sales Performance by CSO Insights “…sales management teams have ideas about “what” they want to do this year to optimize sales performance, but often “how” to do that is not so clear. To help you turn your ideas into action, in the following e-book we will share with you some of… Continue reading

Want to Know What Is Really Stopping You From Achieving True Sales Success?

Posted by Dan Hudson

When CEO's and CSO's come to us looking for help improving their sales teams effectiveness, we actually start with a top down analysis of the influences (internal and external) affecting their company's ability to compete with best-in-class companies in their marketplace.  This is an important initial exercise as it helps us quickly identify the issues… Continue reading

There’s Gold In Them Th’ar CRM

Posted May 27th by Dan Hudson

Best in class sales organizations invest considerable time and money aligning their sales and marketing teams hoping to generate more highly qualified leads and a reduced sales cycle.  They should! Providing your sale team qualified leads is the cornerstone of a robust sales funnel and data shows these kinds of investments pay off! Despite the… Continue reading

Dialing In Your Sales Compensation Plans

Posted May 26th by Dan Hudson

If 2011 is moving as rapidly for you as it is for our firm it will be year-end before we know it!  Best-in-class Sales Leaders are watching their sale pipelines like hawks.  They are also pushing their marketing teams to continue providing sales ready leads their sales reps need to keep positive sales momentum. Now… Continue reading

Social Media Outsourcing Update 5.25.11

Posted May 25th by admin

3FORWARD's Complimentary Weekly Bulletin of Outsourcing-Related Social Media Discussions. Identify sales trigger events, connect with industry leaders, spot trends and even chat with clients or prospects.   For outsourcing providers, ITO's, BPO's, Analysts, Advisors and others – these links are opportunities to engage your subject experts, showcase thought-leadership, link back to relevant blog posts and content… Continue reading

Five Steps to Sales Success with Content Marketing

Posted May 24th by admin

In a case study on their blog Marketing Sherpa shared the incredible value of a real company's B2B content marketing program.   Since this company took their program full speed in early 2010, here are the enviable results they have achieved. 25% to 40% increase in revenue each quarter Nearly double their average annual revenue per… Continue reading

Dirty Dozen Email Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes – Marketing Sherpa

Posted May 23rd by admin

Marketing Sherpa first published the Dirty Dozen: Email Newsletter Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes in 2008.  This update, re-published by Hubspot, refreshes portions of the Dirty Dozen with new data from MarkeringSherpa’s 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report to replace the 2008 data. Download the Dirty Dozen Email Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes – by Marketing Sherpa

First Step to Improving Sales Effectiveness for New Sales Leaders

Posted by Dan Hudson

We spend quite a bit of time blogging on how to improve sales effectiveness and how doing so can move your company from a laggard to a best in class sales organization.  However, before embarking on a major revamp of your sales systems and processes it is a good idea to ask yourself if you… Continue reading

Special Friday Edition – Sales Managers Say the Darndest Things

Posted May 20th by Dan Hudson

While working on an important post about the necessity of maintaining sales pipeline accuracy I began reflecting on my sales and sales leadership career over the last 30 years.  (No jokes from any of you out there about the thirty-year part!)   The sales profession has treated me very well and I would not change anything… Continue reading

Has Your Sales Team Lost Its Mojo?

Posted May 19th by Dan Hudson

Has your sales team lost its mojo?  Does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder to close new business.  If you answer yes you’re not alone.   According to the 2011 CSO Insights Sales Optimization Study only 59.4% of reps made plan in 2010.   Even though that result is slightly improved over 2009, it still… Continue reading

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