Managing Sales Teams

Sales Leader Lessons From Ryan Seacrest

Posted February 26th by admin

I love American Idol.  Yes, partly now that Steven Tyler is judging (Aerosmith’s Draw the Line* was one of my coveted eight album choices when I joined Columbia House’s record club in 1978).  More importantly though, it is because Idol reminds me that every day is an audition. For sales leaders American Idol is our… Continue reading

Sales and Marketing Alignment Just Ain't Happening

Posted February 25th by Dan Hudson

Despite all that has been written in recent times, sales and marketing alignment in many companies is further apart now than at any time over the last 30 years.  Possibly that is because both organizations are now asked to do more with less due to economic conditions and business belt tightening.  At the same time,… Continue reading

Actions Matter, Results Count

Posted February 24th by Dan Hudson

Most of us start our morning with a list of actions or activities we plan on completing that day. Hopefully most get finished, but those left uncompleted find their way to the next day’s list.  (Some regrettably hang over week-to-week or even month-to-month).  It seems all of us in today’s business world are task list… Continue reading

Why You Chose Sales Leadership as Your Profession

Posted February 22nd by Dan Hudson

1.     You are competitive by nature and winning is important 2.     You have strong drive and work ethic 3.     You tolerance for risk is higher than the average person 4.     You want to be able to generate superior income 5.     You want to be the best possible provider for your family Today’s sales leaders bear… Continue reading

Protecting Your Rainmakers

Posted February 18th by Dan Hudson

During the lows of 2009 and 2010 many companies thinned the sales ranks to reduce sales and marketing investment and relied on their “rainmakers” to carry them through the lean times.  Since 20% of most sales forces generally provide 80% of sales revenue, it made sense to lean down sales expense to protect the company’s… Continue reading

Make Your Sales Efforts Pay Off in a 2.0 World by Edelshain & Cousineau

Posted February 15th by admin

7 Tips to Make Your Sales Efforts Pay Off in a 2.0 World Click Here to Open in PDF Buyers are using Google and social media to buy in a different way. Sales people are in the midst of learning how to adapt to this new buyer behavior. It’s a situation in which sales people… Continue reading

Content Mapping Strategy by

Posted February 14th by admin

By developing a content map, marketers can gain a better understanding of prospective buyers, and also organize the flow of their nurturing campaigns in order to better serve prospects based on buying needs and stage in the buying cycle. Content Mapping Strategy – click to open in pdf

CEO’s, Sales and Marketing Blind Spot – Continued

Posted by admin

In the recent post, CEO's, Do You Have a Sales and Marketing Blind Spot, we clearly picked on the Marketing leader more than Sales.   Let's now revisit that pretend lunch meeting to suggest the kinds of answers we hope you don't receive from your Sales Leader. To recreate the scene, we are suggesting CEO's schedule… Continue reading

CEO’s – Do You Have a Sales and Marketing Blind Spot?

Posted February 11th by admin

CEO's, as quickly as your schedule allows plan a lunch meeting for you and your heads of sales and marketing; the subject: Sales Ready Leads.   (Why the urgency?  If you have any issues filling your sales pipeline with leads you want to know that in your first quarter, not the fourth!) When the three of… Continue reading

Avoiding Sales and Revenue Plateaus

Posted February 8th by admin

Ensuring your company avoids hitting a revenue plateau is one of your most important roles as company CEO or President.   For larger or market dominating companies it can happen when markets or product lines mature and the battle for growth is confined to market share take-away (Ford v. Chevy, ATT v. Verizon, IBM v. HP).  … Continue reading

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