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How Intelligent is Your Sales Leadership System?

Posted January 31st by admin

"This is Kirk.  Ready to fire photon torpedos." Best in class sales models today far more resemble the bridge of the USS Enterprise (dating myself I realize) rather than the boiler room of Glengarry Glen Ross.   Although regrettably far too many sales leaders continue trying to do it the Alec Baldwin way.  (Just want to… Continue reading

Wanted: Sales Process Fanatics

Posted January 27th by admin

Ever wonder how it is that some organizations consistently out-perform their peers, in some cases with true domination, for years and years?   It occurs across very diverse areas of specialization, from sports to business to entertainment to wine making – certain teams simply do better than the rest and in some cases for a very… Continue reading

Evolving Customer Acquisition for the Social Business – Brian Vellmure

Posted January 25th by admin

From Brian Vellmure’s blog post: The Changing Face of Marketing “As the social web evolves and we collectively turn off our ears to unidirectional ads and messaging, the face of marketing continues to evolve. Prospects continually seek to find and pull valuable information and content without wanting to give up much in exchange. How do marketer’s… Continue reading

Marketing Automation Screeching to a Halt?

Posted January 24th by admin

In late 2010 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called on browser makers to add additional privacy features to their software so users can decide how much information to share with sites and advertisers.   Just a month later, leading browser developers have been announcing initial steps at doing just that. On Monday, January 24, 2011,… Continue reading

Has Anyone Seen My Sales Leads?

Posted January 20th by admin

Leads, prospects, suspects, targets, contacts. Regardless the label your sales organization applies to the individuals working for your target companies, Sales Leaders need to have quality data for any Above the Funnel demand generation program to be effective.  We point this out not because any CSO or CMO will disagree, but rather to alert us… Continue reading

2011 Sales Planning Calendar

Posted January 18th by admin

Companies that have a defined sales process – and follow it faithfully – outperform those that do not.*   January restarts the sales calendar for most companies and presents a great opportunity to (re)establish your own sales management calendar.  The basic program we recommend for our clients follows.  We hope it helps you fine-tune your… Continue reading

Sales Management 2.0 by CSO Insights

Posted January 14th by admin

Sales-Management-2.0-eBook-Volume 3_CSO Insights “If we look over the product development side of our business, the mandate to the person running that function is very clear: debug the product! We expect them to do whatever it takes to deliver a high quality offering to the market that has the right features to truly meet our customer’s… Continue reading

Aligning Sales and Marketing in Four Easy Steps

Posted January 13th by admin

Is sales and marketing alignment something you know when you see it, or is it objectively defined, specific and measurable?   We recommend the latter of course and have a suggested starting place for companies not yet getting what they want from these two highly interdependent functions. Is B2B Lead Creation really that complicated? Leads are… Continue reading

George Washington on Improving Sales Pipeline Management

Posted January 10th by admin

In 1776, David McCullough’s history of the American Revolution, the Pulitzer Prize winning author several times mentions what he considers one of General George Washington’s most important attributes. “Seeing things as they were, not as he would wish they were, was known to be one of Washington’s most salient strengths.” Finding a Sales Leadership parallel… Continue reading

Sales Leadership in 2011, What Has Changed?

Posted January 6th by admin

What hasn’t! Sales leaders today must be tech savvy, hand’s on, models of efficiency, internally transparent, marketing experts – and they still have to master all the core sales leader duties that are the constants of the job. Problem is, many of them don’t realize the job description has changed. It’s easy to become self-referential… Continue reading

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