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State of Facebook for Business by Hubspot

Posted May 21st by admin

Facebook_for_Business_Executive_Report_by_Hubspot Hubspot consistently provides some of the best content there is on in-bound marketing, social media, and lead generation.  This report helps Facebook novices – or those who have not yet taken the plunge – understand how and why to make this platform part of the communications mix. “By utilizing Facebook within your marketing toolbox,… Continue reading

Manage Leads to Pump Up Your Sales Pipeline by Silverpop and Forrester

Posted May 18th by admin

How Managing Leads Can Pump Up Your Sales Pipeline, by Silverpop and Forrester Why old methods no longer prove successful and what companies should do now to be successful in demand generation and lead management. Silverpop, Engagement and Marketing Solutions Forrester, Technology and Market Research

Sales Leaders, Prepare for the New Normal

Posted by Dan Hudson

Most of our clients are reporting a noticeable increase in business activity and companies are again opening their wallets and making buying decisions. As we begin to exit one of the worst recessions on record many companies are hoping that things will soon return to normal, but most economists are predicting that this will be… Continue reading

Will You Make Your 2010 Sales Goal?

Posted May 7th by Dan Hudson

Matt and I have conducted a number of CEO Sales Readiness workshops over the last two months.  They are designed to help CEO’s without sales backgrounds get under the covers of their sales organizations. The workshops debunk the myth of the “art of the sale” and provide proven methodologies CEO’s can employ to put the… Continue reading

Webcast: Reinventing the Sales Model

Posted May 6th by admin

Download Presentation [flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2010/07/3forward_Reinventing_the_Sales_Model.flv /] The sales model most companies use is broken. It is built on outdated principles and structured for a past era when buyers and sellers played by vastly different rules.   Imagine fielding a championship sports team from twenty years ago against a current league leader – the team from the past… Continue reading

Webcast: Above the Funnel: How To Measure (and Grow) Your Lead Pipeline

Posted May 2nd by admin

Sales leaders, you think non-stop about your sales pipeline, its size, value and velocity. It’s the best dashboard you have of the opportunities your team is trying so hard to close and helps forecast the revenues your company is counting on. But what about your Lead Pipeline? If it is running low, slow or dry… Continue reading

Webcast: Hiding In Plain Sight – Segmenting and Prospect Profiling

Posted by admin

Download Slides: “Hiding In Plain Sight” (pdf) Sales teams today cannot afford to spend valuable time and resources pursuing mass markets or poorly selected segments.  Knowing where to focus however is not always immediately obvious.   Sales leaders and marketing both can benefit by learning the fundamentals of prospect segmentation and target profiling. [flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Hiding_In_Plain_Sight_Segmenting_and_Prospect_Profiling.flv /]… Continue reading

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