Lead Lifecycle Management

Make Inbound Part of Your Marketing Mix

Posted April 23rd by Dan Hudson

We keep thinking what we explain in this post has become common knowledge as a B2B marketing best practice.   A recent sales 2.0 workshop with a very open minded group of CEOs reminded us it is a message worth repeating! No longer can you hope your prospects find you on-line simply because you have a… Continue reading

Nurturing Programs That Drive Sales by Ardath Albee

Posted by admin

Design_Nurturing_Programs_That_Drive_Sales_by_Ardath_Albee Summary:   “In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a nurturing program in parallel with the way a prospect moves throughout their buying process. I’ll (Ardath Albee) demonstrate how to get to know your buyers better and develop a content plan to engage them at each stage of a considered purchase decision. You’ll learn… Continue reading

Rush To Cash In US Healthcare by Information Week

Posted April 14th by admin

himss-retrospective-the-rush-to-cash-in_US_Healthcare_by_Info_Week This Information Week Analytics Alert offers the best health care IT advice, insight, and analysis coming out of that conference. Consider that the federal government is spending upward of $20 billion to get health care providers to digitize their records and processes, and that 70% of that money must be spent over the next… Continue reading

Great Web Sites Are Essential For Lead Generation

Posted April 12th by Dan Hudson

As I noted in my last post, Getting Started With Segmentation, profiling your company’s best sales prospects is a critical exercise to ensure you are deploying valuable sales resources on high probability targets.  After this process is complete the next step is to build a lead generation plan combining inbound and outbound elements.  Email campaigns,… Continue reading

CIO Revolution by Information Week

Posted April 9th by admin

The CIO Revolution by Information Week What is on the minds of leading CIOs in 2010.   Trends, technologies, drivers, challenges.

State of Inbound Marketing by Hubspot

Posted by admin

State_of_Inbound_Marketing_by_Hubspot Incredibly insightful data on current use and results of B2B inbound marketing. by

5 Management Blunders Causing Sales Impotence by John Fox

Posted by admin

5_Management_Blunders_Causing Sales Impotence_by_John_Fox Simply stated and clearly explained.   Lots of detail and really helpful examples.   Read more of John Fox’s work at

Getting Started With Prospect Segmentation

Posted April 6th by Dan Hudson

With 2010 well underway your sales teams are undoubtedly working hard to target and pursue the right kinds of leads, or are they? Too many companies don’t spend the necessary time determining and then profiling their ideal client. Often they look only at one dimensional elements such as geography or vertical and then attempt to… Continue reading

3forward launching Social Media Breakfast in Dallas

Posted April 3rd by admin

3forward has announced they are launching Social Media Breakfast in Dallas, Texas, the headquarters city for the sales 2.0 company.  The fast growing Breakfast series brings together people who are interested in teaching, sharing and learning about trends, case studies and best practices in social media.   Social Media Breakfast began in 2007 and is now… Continue reading

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