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Sales Benchmarking – by Sales Benchmark Index

Posted February 24th by admin

Sales Benchmarking: A New Tack In Assessing Sales Problems by Sales Benchmark Index – PDF An organization accomplishes sales benchmarking through a rigorous analysis of its sales function, comparing its performance across leading (not lagging) indicators and comparing that to external, empirical data from a relevant peer group. Sales benchmarking helps organizations understand how to… Continue reading

How Winners Sell Outsourcing Services – by Conscienta

Posted February 23rd by admin

How Winners Sell Outsourcing Services by Conscientia – pdf Creating Client Value, Outsourcing Sales Process, Phases of the Selling Process, Key Take Aways

Do Not Hire Part 4 – Evaluating Lead Management Systems

Posted February 22nd by Dan Hudson

Part 1 of the Do Not Hire That Rep series suggested sales leaders not automatically replace the bottom performing sales rep (or bottom 10%) when management decision or attrition takes them out of the organization.   Part 2 said that instead, investing that same cost into the remaining, successful sales team provides a greater likelihood of… Continue reading

Brave New World of Sales – by B2B and Eloqua

Posted February 11th by admin

Brave_New_World_of_Sales_by_B2B_and_Eloqua – PDF Responding to the new buying process by applying the modern education model to content nurturing strategies.

Open Doors with B2B Social Networking – Dow Jones

Posted by admin

Open Doors with B2B Social Networking – Dow Jones How social networking technology is changing the competitive landscape during the economic storm.

Social Media Campaigns – by 60 Second Marketer

Posted February 9th by admin

Set Up And Run Social Media 2009 – PDF How to Set Up, Run and Manage a Social Media Campaign Social Media overview Case studies How NOT to run a Social Media campaign The big idea in Social Media 60 Second Marketer Social Media Management Principle 10 things to measure in Social Media Social Media… Continue reading

Building a Pipeline that Never Leaks – by Aberdeen Group

Posted by admin

Building A Pipeline That Never Leaks by AberdeenGroup – PDF “This report explores how Best-in-Class organizations holistically approach lead management and demand generation. The study highlights best practices from 223 organizations around the concept of Lead Lifecycle Management (LLM). This study is designed to help identify best practices in LLM by exploring the processes and… Continue reading

Accelerating the Sale with Web Touch – by Sales Benchmark Index

Posted by admin

Accelerating the Sale by Sales Benchmark Index – PDF “Sales organizations are looking for a proven sales approach that combines the effective engagement of a “high touch” selling experience with the economical aspect of “low touch” selling utilization rates.  If possible, such a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ combination would generate the highest level of sales productivity with the… Continue reading

Managing Leads for Stronger Pipeline by Forrester

Posted February 8th by admin

Managing Leads for Stronger Pipeline Forrester – PDF By developing consistent repeatable processes and investing carefully in automation, Forrester found that these companies achieved stronger, more qualified sales pipelines, greater visibility into the impact of marketing on sales, more control over marketing program execution, and better accountability for marketing spend against business results.

Sales 2.0 May Put You Out of Business

Posted February 4th by admin

Dan and I recently hosted a brainstorming coffee meeting with a couple business owners considering dipping their toes into sales 2.0, in this case weekly blogging, modest social networking and establishing an entry level in-bound lead generation programs.  They could clearly envision the potential benefits once things were up and functioning, but still were not… Continue reading

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