Qualified Sales Leads: Quality vs. Quantity

Posted November 29th by sbratcher

You know I have read a lot of articles and blog posts related to qualified sales leads and everyone always screams quality, quality, quality.

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Branding Strategies for the Social Media World

Posted November 19th by admin

At its recent meeting, the Dallas Social Media Breakfast learned about “Harnessing Social Media – Developing and Implementing Effective Brand Strategy” in a presentation delivered by Andrew Fortunato, Former Chief Marketing Officer for the United States Marine Corps. Andrew talked about the intersection of marketing and leadership and highlighted the following challenges for those responsible for… Continue reading

Putting LinkedIn to Work – by Lucinda Ruch and Diana Gats

Posted October 22nd by admin

LinkedIn experts and business consultants Lucinda and Diana deliver feature packed presentation on getting everything you can from this network tool. View / Download

Event-triggered Marketing: The Purchasing of Time

Posted October 14th by alinscomb

Timing is everything. A vitally essential tenet to the success of any sales & marketing team is timeliness. In past corporate generations, the “word of mouth” method of discovering new leads (that are congruent with the service offering) too often led to hap-hazard, guess-based strategies. Making a…

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Marketing Strategy Guided by Functional Area of Responsibility

Posted September 27th by sbratcher

When trying to gain an understanding of how a particular contact fits into the operations of a company, organization, or buying unit, the title of the individual can only tell you so much.

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Marketing Automation Isn’t Easy

Posted July 9th by admin

Marketing Automation Isn’t Easy And Five Other Truths BtoB Marketers Must Accept to Be Successful with Marketing Automation By Amy Bills, Director of Field Marketing, Bulldog Solutions; and Christopher Doran, Vice President of Marketing, Manticore Technology This briefing from Manticore Technology and Bulldog Solutions offers six pieces of “tough love” about marketing automation, with resources… Continue reading

How You Sell Matters More Than Ever

Posted by admin

Is your selling process a “one trick pony?” 2010 continues to be a tough selling year for many companies.  3forward is seeing strong signals that business activity is increasing but many of the firms still tell us that their sales are flat and in some cases declining from last year’s dismal numbers. If that scenario… Continue reading

Taming Twitter with Social Media Breakfast Dallas

Posted June 25th by admin

3forward has been proud to be a part of bringing Social Media Breakfast to Dallas along with our charter partner Andrew Jackson, president of BravoTECH.  Our June meeting featured guest expert and SMB Dallas member Tom Jackson presenting on best practices for Twitter (and other Social Media platforms). Tom’s key takeaways follow: Keep Twitter posts… Continue reading

How To Present a Sales Pipeline to Management

Posted June 18th by admin

Sales leaders spend a lot of time explaining their sales opportunity pipeline to their peers in company leadership.  But can they do a good job?  Can they quickly focus in on the important components and key values that a “sales outsider” is expected to know? Strangely, many CSO’s struggle in this very important responsibility –… Continue reading

The Sales Pipeline is No Place For Leads

Posted June 1st by Dan Hudson

Does your sales pipeline measure up? Most sales leaders are obsessed with their sales pipelines. They review them weekly, push their sales teams to keep them accurate, and hope they have enough to make their sales number. The reality is that many sales leaders do not use a consistent methodology to track, measure, and value… Continue reading

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