Sales 2.0

Now is Time to Embrace Sales 2.0

Posted December 31st by admin

After my final workout of 2009 this morning I was talking to a fellow gym member who is in software sales.  I asked how his year closed and he replied he still had a few deals that could close today.   He mentioned he lost a high probability prospect yesterday because the decision maker could not… Continue reading

Webcast: Finding, Creating and Managing Leads – LeadLife and 3forward

Posted December 28th by admin

Downloads Finding, Creating and Managing Leads – Slides PDF   View this webcast to discover how to accelerate top of the funnel lead creation, qualification, nurturing and conversion.  Also see real-world examples and learn, helpful suggestions and recommendations on all aspects of lead lifecycle management. 3forward Sales Readiness Series #2 Lead Management      … Continue reading

Successful Sales Pipeline Habits

Posted December 16th by admin

In early September I suggested that an analysis of your existing sales pipeline was necessary to begin the 2010 revenue planning process  (Time Helps No Sale).  It was no doubt a painful process, as some of your sales reps tried to convince you that dead or dormant opportunities were still viable.  Based on your decisions,… Continue reading

Webcast: 5 Most Important Numbers for 2010 Sales Revenue Planning

Posted December 10th by admin

Downloads Revenue Planning Webcast – Slides PDF [member]3forward Sales Readiness Series – #1 Sales Revenue Planning – 12-17-09[/member] PDF 3forward Revenue Planner – Excel 2007 Template 3forward 2010 Revenue Planner v1.1Excel 2007 Download Zip File of Revenue Planner – (best for Internet Explorer users) Making the annual sales number starts with a successful revenue plan. … Continue reading

Marketing or Sales, Which Comes First?

Posted by admin

This question is a real dilemma for many companies that have separate sales and marketing organizations.  In many companies there is a definite disconnect between the two departments. Marketing may feel that their mission is to establish a brand, provide clear messaging, sales collateral, and to provide a lead list to the sales organization.  Once… Continue reading

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