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No Surprise Is A Good Surprise (When Revenue Planning)

Posted September 29th by Dan Hudson

As we make the final push for 2009 and get ready for 2010 let’s try not to forget those clients that got us to where we are today. Sales is often conditioned to believe that “new logos” are the key to future success, but the on-going operations of many companies rely on recurring revenue that… Continue reading

Sales Readiness – Sales Leader Telebriefing #3

Posted September 23rd by admin

Sales Leader Series #3 – Sales Readiness 2010 – 10-01-09 – Final – PDF (download presentation) The tough business climate is not letting up and extreme competition exists in every industry.  Aggressive pricing and quality delivery are not enough to differentiate one provider from the next and certainly not enough to close a sale.  Teams… Continue reading

Posted in Sales Leadership

Linkedin Essentials by Integrated Alliances

Posted September 22nd by admin

Linkedin Essentials by Integrated Alliances – PDF – Unleashing the power of Linkedin in Five Steps.   This foundation document provides all the instruction necessary to getting started with this powerful social networking application.

Knowing When To Say Goodbye

Posted by Dan Hudson

In my last post, “Time helps no sale” (or, how the pipeline got over inflated) I strongly suggested that a pipeline reality check is a necessary process to go through on a regular basis.   Once completed it exposes the reality that some of your sales team will not have enough qualified pipeline to make their… Continue reading

3forward Chairing The Outsourcing Institute’s Outsourcing 2.0 Roadshows

Posted September 18th by admin

The Outsourcing Institute, a vendor-neutral professional association dedicated solely to outsourcing, announced the launch of its Outsourcing 2.0 road shows.  Designed to help business professionals navigate the complexities of making the right outsourcing decisions, the road shows will be held in 20 cities over the course of 20 weeks. Each road show features educational presentations… Continue reading

Creating Qualified Opportunities – Sales Leader Telebriefing #2

Posted September 16th by admin

Everyone else is talking leads.  We are talking what really matters – qualified opportunities!   Join us for an inside-the-engine view of the processes, tools and best-practices that will help Sales Leaders find more of the right opportunities, increase lead conversion rates and raise winning percentages. Sales Leader Series #2 – Creating Qualified Opportunities – 3forward… Continue reading

David Ogilvy and the Origins of Sales 2.0

Posted September 13th by admin

Dan Hudson and I spent a full day at the Sales 2.0 conference in Chicago (Sept 10, '09).  The event promised an opportunity for sales and revenue leaders to learn and view the new tools, best practices and innovations happening in the latest industry to enjoy a 2.0 rebranding. A common theme across presenters was… Continue reading

Escaping Pipeline Purgatory – Sales Leader Telebriefing #1

Posted September 10th by admin

Sales Leader Series #1 – Escaping Pipeline Purgatory – 3forward and OI – 9-17-09 – PDF (View The Presentation) 2009 is entering the final stretch and sales leaders are doing everything they can to close crucial new business before year end.  The biggest obstacle for many leaders is separating those once promising, but now stalled,… Continue reading

Time Helps No Sale (or, How the Pipeline Got Over Inflated)

Posted September 7th by Dan Hudson

Knowing your true pipeline value is imperative to effective sales planning and revenue forecasting. Having a realistic pipeline picture will also help you make your case for any necessary investments in your team to make them capable of meeting the 2010 sales number.

Why Boilerplate Proposals Are a Great Way to Lose Sales – by Capture Planning

Posted September 4th by admin

If you are using boilerplate, it probably means that you don’t know your customer. I can say this with confidence, because boilerplate assumes what features and benefits matter to the customer. When you know what matters to your customer, you write specifically to it. When you don’t, you make assumptions. Read More…

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