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LinkedIn Bible from CIO Magazine

Posted June 25th by admin

Comprehensive LinkedIn resource guide available on the CIO Magazine site. “Everything You Need To Know About The Social Network For Professionals.”

The Gobbledy Gook Manifesto – by David Meerman Scott

Posted June 15th by admin

The Gobbledygook Manifesto – by David Meerman Scott (pdf) This is one of Mr. Scott’s best articles on avoiding overused, meaningless business terms.  It’s a great read and an eye-opener for anyone responsible for developing their company’s messaging, press releases, brochures, proposals, etc.

It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It – by

Posted by admin is an excellent site, loaded with insight on everything to do with the proposal process.

How To Pre-Qualify A Sales Lead – by Geoffrey James

Posted June 13th by admin

Sales Tips from Geoffrey James,

State of Inbound Marketing – 2009 by HubSpot

Posted by admin

State of Inbound Marketing – pdf

Globalization, Are We There Yet – Thomas Stewart, Booz&Co

Posted by admin

Globalization, Are We There Yet by Thomas Stewart pdf

Hiring Exceptional Sales People – Marc Kauffmann / OI

Posted by admin

Hiring Exceptional Salespeople – Marc Kauffmann (ppt)

Direct Marketing’s Five Biggest Hurdles by The kern Organization

Posted June 12th by admin

Direct Marketing Five Biggest Hurdles (and How To Overcome Them) (pdf)

Forget the Brand… Focus on the Customer by David Meerman Scott

Posted by admin

Forget the Brand… Focus on the Customer (pdf)

Social Media 101 – Jennifer Naylor

Posted by admin

Social Networking Basics by Jennifer Naylor (pdf)

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